Sunday, September 30, 2007

A visit to the Jays world.

Relaxation is compulsory for all of us, be it a mental or physical relaxation.

In case of the latter, we lie down inert and let our body system recoup the spent energy.
For mental relaxation, we take our mind of from our work, our family and on anything that requires attention and focus on totally different that actually doesn't require any focus. (Smile)

For me, humor is the best choice. Whether a joke makes me laugh or not, I like reading anything humorous. A visit to the Jay's world serves the purpose. The blog is beautifully colored dotted with amusing pictures.

For example, I request you to read the blog post on "Education Man".

If you like it, share it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Set your home to display Global Grind.

My home page is set to display my Google Reader so that I am not left out of the dark. I love reading news in various categories that is reported by Google News.

Though my main interest is blogging, I love to read anything about spirituality and self development.

In fact my blog on Laws of Universe receives more visitors daily when compared to my other blogs.

But at times, I set my home page to, and customize my home page as per my interests. I do this mainly because for diversity. They too offer several feeds to my liking.

I listened to some podcast feeds and this really motivates me to start my podcast blog.

There are also some rare video clips on myriad categories.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What is a Style Feeder?

Style Feeder is your personal shopping search engine and one can call it as social shopping website which means it is a way to find, share, and keep track any products that you like and get to know who else like your list.

For example, you want to find a mosquito repellent that emits no odour, you can either find a related on their home page or search for it. If there is already a tag for your wish list, then it means somebody had bought the product and thus created a tag.

You can also find all the products your favorite celebrity likes or any of your online contacts has tagged.

If you like something you have found on Style Feeder, you can click the ‘plus’ button from a list of items, or the “Copy to Style Feed” button on. You can also add product that you find anywhere by using the browser button.

Express your style on your blog, web site, or on any of your social page like Friendster or MySpace.

Diabetes Monitor.

I am free of ailments but I have bookmarked Diabetes Monitor exclusively for my diabetic husband. This is the first time, I am bookmarking a health related website.

I am compelled to gain in depth knowledge about diabetes because all my family members are diabetic. Diabetes Monitor is full of information about diabetes, new medicines, blood sugar detecting devices, latest insulin injections and so on.

I can also ask questions and get answers from other members. May be, after sometime, I can also answer questions and share my knowledge about diabetes.

This website is frequently updated. This is great website with plenty of resources for diabetic patients and their care takers.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Find jobs in London.

It is my humble suggestion for all of you. If you are about to move to new place due career change, retirement or for education, always do a little bit of research in the cyberspace to dig out a handful of websites that give you plenty of information about the place you are moving to.

Ok, let me make this post short and sweet. In one single website, you get to know about the available jobs, real estate, companionship, used goods for sale and many different service providers. The website is Gumtree.

Let us say that someone you know is moving to Edinburgh, Scotland along with his entire family. You can help him out by asking him to make a note of this web page where jobs in Edinburgh are listed.

Six months back, I emailed a friend of mine the right website where he can look for a teaching job in Edinburgh. When my friend emailed me back that I can also help him find out a teaching job in Aberdeen, I was able to reply immediately with the required information.

Gumtree offers this huge store house of information for several cities across the world that includes Australia, U.K. New Zealand, South Africa and the U.S.

How to change the blog owner.

I am forever indebted to few persons in the Internet and blogosphere especially.

I keep expressing my gratitude to them. I would like to name a few here.

The first person is the blog author of and the another is Vin of Beta Blogger for Dummies.

Today, Vin solved a major block for me through his blog post on the subject line-'How to change the blog owner'.

It is unnecessary for me to write about the background for my predicament. But I am relieved greatly and I sent my gratitude to Vin and I am sure it will be picked by him from the cosmos.