Thursday, December 11, 2014

The guitar that even a non-musician would love to buy.

One look at the epiphone 335 pro limited and even a non-musician would go flat. Imagine the reaction of a guitar player when he saw this piece on a website while he was shopping online for a guitar stand.

I am speaking about my son who loves to play guitar and already bought two. It was for the second guitar that he wanted a stand.

I was sitting beside him in front of the computer when he was searching for a guitar stand. When we stumbled onto the above image, there was an audible gasp, not from my son but from me. This sleek and stylish looking guitar belongs to the famous ES series since 1950! Surely a vintage piece!

My son prefers jumbo frets and the epiphone 335 pro limited is fitted with jumbo frets. That’s it. He immediately bought it, quickly looked at me, sensed something and told me he would sell his other two guitars!

Very considerate indeed!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Potato Salads.

Ah, potato salads! That can beckon even children who cry ‘NO” to any vegetable salads that contain green vegetables that include cucumber, cabbage, carrot, lemon, capsicum etc. Not many of us like to eat raw vegetables-right?

Potato salad means it needs to be cooked which can be very tasty. Potato salads are more also known as side dishes than salads for they generally just precede or the follow the main course. Can we call them ‘starters’?

Last Saturday, we dined at a nearby vegetarian restaurant. We were served a large bowl of potato salad garnished creatively with baby corn, red capsicum and generous dose of mozzarella cheese.

I like them soft and crunchy. However, some like their potato salads mingled and just oozing with its dressing, some would prefer theirs to be really soft and tender, and others would want their potato salad to be crispy.

Potato salads are definitely a popular choice of all of us with no age barriers but of course with some exceptions that include diabetic. 

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

6 health drink alternatives.

People born before 1960 in India may be aware of several homemade drinks but may not know they are equally not aware that they are extremely potent and can replace any the so called ‘health drinks’ that we see in the shelves of supermarkets.
For every ailment, I was given a drink that would make me fight the malady. There were health drinks to fight fever, cold, jaundice etc. There were drinks during and after pregnancy.

I must admit over the years those homemade drinks gave way for other variants that tasted better than raw herbal concoctions.

If you are one of those who are into healthy drinks but do not want to shift into the natural ones, you can try the following alternatives for modern day health drinks.

1. Purple grape juice is ideal as a health drink because it is rich in antioxidants, which are good for the heart. Experts are of the opinion that this is an ideal health drink for all ages because it is not only a good source of anti-oxidants but of vitamin C as well!

2. Cranberry juice. Doctors usually recommend this health drink for those who experience gall bladder problems. But, ordinary people can drink it to protect themselves from having bladder infections that are recurrent. It is also a good source of your daily dose of Vitamin C.

3. Vegetable juices. If you don’t have time to prepare natural veggie juices on your blender, it is best to grab a carton of vegetable juice in the market. Vegetable juices can be considered as a great health drink especially to those who are into salty foods such as chips because it contains natural properties that can wash away too much salt in the body that leads to weight gain.

4. Soy milks. For milkshake lovers, soy milks are the perfect health drink for you. Today, there are so many ready-to-drink soy milks in almost all health stores and grocery stores nearby. Aside from the plain milk flavor, soy milks also come with other variations such as chocolate and other fruit flavors. Chocolate-flavored soy milks are perfect for young and old chocolate lovers because it comes with a natural chocolate tasteless the fat and other unhealthy ingredients. Fruit-flavored soy milks are also perfect health drinks because these are rich in protein and calcium and can satisfy the craving of people who are not used to plain drinks.

5. Pomegranate juices. Pomegranate as a fruit is known to bring lots of healthy benefits to people once eaten. When buying pomegranate juices, make sure that these are 100 percent natural and with lesser additives as possible to ensure that you are getting the DHA, and Omega 3 that can help better brain function as well as antioxidants which is great for the cardiovascular system.

6. Plum or prune juices. The common notion about prune juices is that it is for older people. To shake off that impression, many manufacturers have renamed their products as "plum juice" which is also derived from the same family of the fruit. Plum or prune juices are great health drinks because it can help you veer away from various digestive problems such as constipation because it is loaded with fiber. Other variations include certain herbs such as chamomile or ginger to make it better tasting and healthier.

So, you have read thus far which means your interest is piqued. Go ahead try them one by one and leave your feedback here in the comment form.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Finding music instruments for students.

I did not realize that finding the right instruments for students would take time. Though my son insisted that he can handle saxophone meant for adults, I knew he would not be comfortable especially with the one that he got as a gift. We thought we could exchange it for something that would be suitable for beginners.

In my opinion, saxophone is the most difficult music instrument. People like my son who naturally plays any musical instrument with ease may not find it that easy to play wind based instruments.

We somehow must find some use to the saxophone. I suggested to my son to consult other members of his amateur troupe. He heeded my advice and sought opinions. He was asked to find a mouthpiece meant for beginners and practice with it till he gain confidence.

I thought it is a wise suggestion. Tonight, we are going to shop online for that saxophone mouthpiece for students.