Sunday, August 31, 2014

What is that latest news at the guitar centre?

My son who is an amateur guitar player, used to tell me that when someone is buying an electric guitar, he should checkup the pickup first. It should be so good that the electric guitar should not fully depend on the amplifiers’ capabilities to deliver the desired sound.

Late yesterday night, he took me to guitar centre and showed the features of American Special HSS Stratocaster Electric guitar. He pointed out to me the ‘pickup’ area and also asked me to read a few of the feedback that the guitar received wherein the buyer of the Fender guitar expressed his extreme satisfaction over the pickup and the final sound.

My son also pointed to the jumbo frets that are welcome by big men with large hands.

I wish he is not planning to buy that guitar immediately but may be after a few months as I have other expenses coming by in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Unique, never seen before gift ideas.

We all find it difficult to think of gifts for various occasions-right. It applies yo even the most brilliant member in the family or in a friends circle.

When I said, "not seen before gifts", I mean it. You too would agree with me when you browse through

If you have no patience to visit the site, why not take a look at this image of black hound wine stopper?

Who would not keep a wine bottle with this absolutely unique wine stopper on top of their television set? There are more wine stoppers at Metal Imagination.

Another stunning gift below. It is a dog business card holder.

There are many more fantastic small gifts for all. It is difficult to exit the site.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Get free course materials from MIT.

Where do students of higher education look for sources of study materials? Do they use Yahoo! answers or any other questions and answers site? is undoubtadly a valuable resource where they direct you to other websites for lecture notes, reference materials and syllabuses.

I came to know of this great website called Open Course Ware where students make use of highly valuable study materials published by universities like MIT. This website is doing a great service for students and teachers, lecturers and professors.

Educational course materials for subjects available are:
Bio engineering
Media arts and science
Planetary sciences

and many more

This site offers every course materials for free.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Do you know the power of your own expectations?

Expect what you want and see them rolling in in reality. In addition when you set your expectations, don’t  set too low because, when an expectation is set, automatically your mind is bent towards achieving them. It begins to line up assembling the required resources, knowledge and the  people. You only need to recognize them and act accordingly.

You must know how to use these resources that your mind has organized. It has done its job. The ball is in your court now. If still unsure, again wish a plan to be revealed.

It would come your way though not blatantly as cosmic forces don’t come in flesh. You might see a movie, read book, hear news that present the latent plan of action. Something would inspire you.

Your expectations have life in them. They are dynamic forces. Don’t kill them.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Liquid repellent fitted table clothes.

Like any child that liked to dine on roadside, I too jumped with joy when the mini bus in which we were travelling stopped by a small lakeside. Oh, I should tell you that I am reliving my first picnic 46 years ago.

We expected to be seated on the lawn but contrary to our expectation, tables and chairs were unfolded and fresh cotton clothes were thrown over the tables. Sadly, our joy was short lived because the wind was very strong and the table clothes and napkins were blown away and we all were ordered to collect them and rearrange on the table.

I wondered why table covers were not neatly tucked in. I suppose at that time, flowing table clothes were in vogue.

I recalled all of this three days before when I participated in a very formal dinner. The host was a good friend of mine and she beamed when I openly expressed my appreciation for table arrangements. She told me the table covers and napkins are of Egyptian cotton and fitted the tables snugly.

Can you imagine how such table clothes would look? You can shop for a range of fitted tablecloths from here .While browsing the site, do not forget to click on “Liquid repellent fitted table clothes”. You would be surprised how a fitted table cover can repel liquids!
Liquid repellent fitted table clothes