Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Liquid repellent fitted table clothes.

Like any child that liked to dine on roadside, I too jumped with joy when the mini bus in which we were travelling stopped by a small lakeside. Oh, I should tell you that I am reliving my first picnic 46 years ago.

We expected to be seated on the lawn but contrary to our expectation, tables and chairs were unfolded and fresh cotton clothes were thrown over the tables. Sadly, our joy was short lived because the wind was very strong and the table clothes and napkins were blown away and we all were ordered to collect them and rearrange on the table.

I wondered why table covers were not neatly tucked in. I suppose at that time, flowing table clothes were in vogue.

I recalled all of this three days before when I participated in a very formal dinner. The host was a good friend of mine and she beamed when I openly expressed my appreciation for table arrangements. She told me the table covers and napkins are of Egyptian cotton and fitted the tables snugly.

Can you imagine how such table clothes would look? You can shop for a range of fitted tablecloths from here .While browsing the site, do not forget to click on “Liquid repellent fitted table clothes”. You would be surprised how a fitted table cover can repel liquids!
Liquid repellent fitted table clothes

Monday, July 14, 2014

Diet Shakes that will help you lose weight.

Don’t be surprised to read this. I know if you are reading this either you are worried about your over weight or you are concerned about the obesity of your spouse or child or parents.

Milk shakes and fruit shakes do help one to lose weight provided they are prepared properly.

Here are some recipes:
Hey, do you know that you can add low-fat yogurt in your smoothies? Whether you are making a water-based (ice) shake or a dairy-based (2 % milk) diet shake recipe, a little bit of yogurt can make a big difference to the taste because  yogurt adds a nice creamy consistency to your diet shake recipes, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you try it in your favorite smoothie recipe the first chance you get.

Strawberry-Orange-Banana Diet Shake Recipes
•             Some orange juice – about 2 cups or so
•             Some sliced bananas – 1 or 2
•             Some strawberries -- a cup or so
•             Some ice – about a cup
•             A container of strawberry-banana low fat yogurt

Mandarin-Mango Diet Shake Recipes
•             Some mandarin orange pieces – 2 cans or so
•             Some cut up mangoes – 2 mangos is about right
•             Some ice – about a cup
•             Protein supplements from the nutrition store—follow the label directions
•             A container of mango-flavored low fat yogurt

I confess these recipes are not mine but borrowed (no need to return of course) from the Internet.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to Develop Your Prosperity Consciousness?

At the outset, you should know about the existence of Prosperity Consciousness. It is a way of thinking, a concept that has to be learnt and practiced for  years to achieve involuntary prosperity consciousness.
Developing your prosperity consciousness requires a few key things that once you truly understand, can change your life. Prosperity consciousness basis is the most talked subject, “law of attraction’.
To make you feel you are sailing along nicely, think of old adages like “you reap what you sow,” and “birds of a feather flock together.” These all express the law of attraction in a familiar way.
You have to realize that prosperity isn’t based on chance or luck. This is the first step because if it’s just luck or random chance, then you would not be able to control it though you definitely can. And it’s also necessary to realize that there is enough for everyone. There should be no guilt associated with having prosperity because no one has to go without for you to have what you want.
One of the tenets of prosperity consciousness and the law of attraction is that the universe creates everything in abundance. And that you can have what you want if you only believe that it’s possible and focus on that belief.
Once you decide that money and prosperity are not things you achieve through luck or taking away from others, you decide that they’re things you can have guilt-free. That belief will steer you away from bad decisions automatically because you won’t feel like you have to scramble to get your share before someone else takes it.
There’s no need to fight for it or compete for it since there’s enough for everyone. You really need to focus on that thought and make sure you believe it to develop a prosperity consciousness that will let things flow into your life.
Once you believe it, then you only have to welcome prosperity. Whether you pray or affirm or ask the universe at large for the things you want, you must put out the invitation for those things to come into your life. By doing so, you create an aura around yourself of openness and acceptance to the abundance and prosperity that you say you want.
The principle is like magnetic attraction. You want to attract certain positive things, so you surround yourself with positivity because like attracts like. If you doubt that you can’t achieve something, you attract more doubt.

But if you believe something can be yours through the development of prosperity consciousness then you can draw that very thing to yourself.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Signs of depression in early ages.

I don’t remember exactly when I read these sentences authored by Thomas Szasz but I remember them clearly.

“In the United States today, there is a pervasive tendency to treat children as adults, and adults as children. The result is unruly children and childish adults”.

I would put it this way: “The result of this changing trend in the west is anxious children and not unruly children.”

Do you agree?

Today, the most discussed and researched subject in the west (India is not lagging behind) is eliminating the anxiety and panic in children.

Before diving deeply in to the subject, I would like to speak a word of caution to the contemporary young parents. Majority of the parents today cannot spot the beginning of panic disorder which would invariably lead to anxiety in their children.

Symptoms of childhood anxiety:
There are a lot of differences between anxious adults and anxious children. So, don’t look for symptoms of adult anxiety. You would then ignore your child.

As a parent, you should learn to be aware of the budding of anxiety in your child. 

Anxiety symptoms in children:
·         Avoiding going to school
·         Reluctance to meet your eyes
·         Edgy
·         Throwing tantrums on trivial matters
·         Social avoidance

These are just the beginning indications of the presence of anxiety. Clipping it early would save your child from slipping into depression.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fresh news about the the world of perfumes and celebrities.

What is a Designer Perfume?I was awestruck when I stumbled on to an advertisement that read, “Cheap, designer perfumes for men and women”. 

We have all heard of designer sarees, designer furniture but designer perfume?  I called up by personal beautician and asked her what she has to say about it.

Here are the salient points from her reply.
Years ago, cosmetics companies got celebrities to endorse perfumes like Estee Lauder, Chanel, and Guerlain.

When celebrities, such as Elizabeth Taylor, first introduced designer perfumes decades ago, the reaction was mixed. Some critics felt that celebrity perfumes were just a fad

It is a different story now. Celebrities don’t want to endorse other companies’ designer perfume. They all want perfumes in their own name.  However, some celebrities turn the design tasks over to professionals and simply give their approval on the finished products. Other celebrities are involved in the process from the conceptualization stages to the marketing of the designer perfume.

Jennifer Lopez who was reported to have worked for a cosmetics company once likes to be involved in the production of her own designer perfume. Having once worked at a cosmetics counter, she knew exactly what she wanted her signature fragrance to smell like. She even had the bottle design include a pretend diamond ring or necklace on the neck in tribute to her penchant for wearing jewelry.

I was amazed at the beautician’s informed knowledge. Sitting in a remote place in Bangalore, she seems to be a well read woman.