Friday, February 29, 2008

Freestyle test strips for diabetics.

“Malathy, why should you poke my finger tip always to extract blood?” complains my husband. He is terrified to poke his finger on his own to take blood to test his blood glucose. He seeks my assistance.

This weekly ritual ends with his complaint and I too go silent because I don’t know the answer. But my husband should be right. Why we are not allowed to take the blood from other parts of the body such as forearm, upper arm, thigh, calf and fleshy part of the hand to eliminate the pain?

The Internet has plenty of answers for me. Yes, there are test strips that are called ‘Freestyle test strips’ that allow people with diabetes to take a blood sample from multiple sites of their body.

It is being sold at that was founded in 1996 and has grown to be considered as one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States. offers 55,000 products, under 50 medical equipment categories and hundreds of sub-categories. This is quite impressive really-isn’t it?

Do you know about their hugely popular ‘Free Allegro eCatalog’ that offers limited time specials and discounts to anyone who signs up?

Student loans for bad credit?

I wonder why there are advertisements for educational loan for students with bad credit? How a student can be classified as a bad creditor? Aren't their parents responsible for their credit worthiness?

Nevertheless, I thought it would enrich my knowledge if I learn fully about this issue. Today's is the annual budget day in India. I was eagerly watching the budget session live on television.

I was hoping for more leniency for tax payers, especially woman tax payers. Our Finance Minister didn't disappoint me. The exemption was increased by another Rs.40,000.

There was some mention about educational loans but I didn't understand the financial language at all. How very convenient?mrgreen

Fortunately for me, my son is about to complete his engineering degree. I need not worry about raising funds for his education anymore.

Why would they not consider Indians?

Blog Distributor is a market place for bloggers and advertisers. I patted myself for having found out this web site and naturally I was happy that one more avenue is opened to earn by blogging.

I started filling out the application form at their website only to know that they don't hire bloggers from any other country apart from the U.S. and Canada.

Too sad! Why would they not consider us? Are we not good? Are we not honest and sincere? Oh well, it is their prerogative; who am I to question them?

I am sure God will show me another avenue. After all, did he not do that when he showed me about a dozen paid to blog opportunities till date?

Internet is big. It will surely accommodate

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What is Gourmet Inclusive concept?

I just asked this question in a travel related forum, where travelers discuss places to see, discount flights and hotels, vacation packages and holiday rentals.

The word ‘Gourmet Inclusive’ rang a bell in me but I could not pinpoint it. So, I asked it in the forum. I was surprised even more when some one replied me back with a question. Do I wish to pay for a romantic cancun vacation or do I want to let go myself on the Mexican beaches without any fun?

When I replied I would prefer a romantic cancun vacation, the person sent me three pages of important information on Riviera Maya, Karisma Hotels and their new Gourmet-Inclusive concept designed especially for food lovers.

Yes, as the name suggests, this is not for all who just swallows everything on their table and wash it down with beer or coke. This is for gourmets exclusively who enjoy the food, cherish the idea of eating a great variety of food.

Karisma’s gourmet-level cuisine is served in sleek and sensual sit-down locales and fashion-forward bars. What you will find is cooking that meets the standards of the best restaurants, prepared in a way that will excite and surprise the senses.

The details also included a mention about bars with iced tops and tequila lounges with 30 different tequilas on offer and more.

Excited like me? For more information, please contact Pamela Johnston at or Amanda Deveaux at or call 212-629-8445.

I want an iPhone.

Too much effort spoils the chances of success. I am a proof for this phrase.

I was viewing a wish list by strangers in a social bookmarking website, the name of which I don't remember now. I am sorry.

After a couple of minutes, I wondered what I would say about the thing I want most. An iPhone came to my mind. It is meant as a gift for my husband who is in fact searching for a portable audio player. He has compiled some 500 old Hindi songs.

I identified an Apple iPhone with 16GB memory. But I was sad when I saw its price. It costs $499.
Yes, it can hold up to 40,000 songs. May be it is not what my husband requires. Something with less memory space may be; say, can I look for 8 GB? May be the price will be only around $300?

Image courtesy: Google images.

Eye catching designer furniture.

“I want the glossiest bed possible mom, else, save your bucks”, declared my son. He is going to live alone soon and he says he can support himself.

He told me that he will pay for the furniture and shipping. He wants only contemporary furniture and not like the ones we have in our house. Yes, I too agree that they are antiques now.

Well, we can’t blame the generation now. They see all sorts of life style magazines in bars, saloons and where not? They also are influenced by what they see in their friends’ house.

My son has seen some terrific looking platform beds online but he is unable to remember the website. He described me about their looks and colors. He asked me to find them for him. So much for motherly duties, I had to sacrifice my afternoon nap and looked up in the Internet.

I came up with this gorgeous bed but I don’t know whether this is the one my son had seen. But I don’t see any reason for this piece getting rejected. Am I not smart?

BTW, how do you like these so called ‘Love Seats’? They are available for sale at

Masters Degree in Business Administration.

The deadline is still far off but I told my son not to take it lightly. Time flies and we won’t be ready when the date stares at you with utmost reality.

In order to consider his candidature for a three year tenure at the London branch, he has to earn his M.B.A. by 2011. He was asked to study online through Capella University, the all time favorite of thousands of students from 56 countries. Masters Degree in Business Administration is a must for young executives in India.

Founded in 1993, Capella University is an accredited online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, psychology, public health, and public safety, and bachelor’s degree programs in business, information technology, and public safety.

The latest accreditation Capella won was from Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) makes it more attractive for students from various countries other than U.S.A.

The university periodically releases its ‘Inside Online Education’ podcast and the latest podcast covers about the CACREP through a conversation with Dr. Chris Cassirer, dean of Capella University’s School of Human Services.

You can listen to the 15 minutes duration podcast at

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Monday, February 25, 2008

I don't like Writing Campus.

Writing Campus is a Google AdSense revenue sharing web site. I don't like to make a blog post in this web site because of their unreasonable rule that a blog post should contain a minimum 125 words.

Why? Can't a blogger write a neat blog post in less than 125 words and conveys what he wanted to convey so that anyone who reads the blog post can understand?

I have been blogging for more than two years and I know that my blog readers never criticized me for writing a short post.

What is your view on this folks?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Worried about bad credit?

The summer is on already and also it reminds all of us that the time to prepare for our annul tax commitment is also nearing.

It may be a vexing issue but we have to go through it necessarily. As usual, we will have a cash shortage. Now, we must explore various avenues for personal loans. One look at our mail box and we are sure to have received a lot of offers for availing cash loans, offer of credit cards etc.

Again this may pose a problem to a few because of bad credit score. Of course, one can find hundreds of offers for credit repair but we have to be very choosy about it. We should be able to compare various offers and select the one that offers less financial burden. is a one stop resource for all our financial needs. They have partnered with several leading financial products sellers and thereby giving us the flexibility of compare and shop.

Digital photo frame with changeable frames.

I have no friends or contacts in Australia. I just wanted to go on my own for the expected one day cricket final match between India and Australia. Alternatively, I can join a big team of cheer leaders. This team is actually leaving from Madras itself. I will see how the match goes between them taking place on Sunday before deciding.

Remember my gift that I gave to an Australian cricket player last year? It was a digital picture frame frame to view digital photos. It actually replaces the traditional bulky photo album of the yesteryears.

I decided to check the web site of Digital Framez ( for any products addition. I was not disappointed. They have launched a 10” digital photo frame that comes with 3 extra frames that we can change often just for the sake beating monotony.

What will my husband say if sees this latest product? He is the one who buys these kinds of changeable products. He just can’t stand monotony.

Hey, why can’t I present this digital picture frame to him? Oh, why I have not thought of it before?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Poor captaincy by Dhoni.

There will be surely difference of opinion but this is my view-it was not a right move to send Pathan up at one down during the just concluded cricket match between India and Australia.

He should have sent in Robin Uthappa who is actually an attacking opening batsman. His skills are being rusted away.

Otherwise, instead of Pathan, Dhoni himself could have batted at one down. The Indian team is missing the 'wall' Dravid here. He would have stayed and led the lower order to an easy victory.

I even consider it as a blunder to omit Ganguly, leaving Tendulkar alone to fight at the top order.
Oh, the Indian cricket administrators will never realize their folly.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

PKI replaces Esign.

I confess I misread the title I read somewhere. It should be the other way. It should read "Esign replaces PKI."

There is an undertone of urgency in everyone’s life. People always compete with time to save time. Money too is saved in this process. Internet makes so many things possible now and silently supports our race against time.

Even the law machinery was roped in to contribute to time saving concept when the U.S. Federal Law passed the electronic signature in global and national commerce act for electronically signing various business and trade agreement between corporate houses and their clients thus replacing the costlier Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

The benefits of esign.

Transparency and the speed are two main benefits of esignature.

The next important advantage of esign is the accessibility of the documents from anywhere.

Getting the sales activity instantly without any ambiguity helps the companies to reduce their cost of sales thereby increasing the bottom line. is offering the esign service that has already caught the fancies of many leading companies. I took time to browse their entire website and I found a lot of clarity in explaining the process and benefits.

They offer three different plans with very competitive pricing. They even offer a free trial version.

I believe this free trial offer is an excellent sales strategy because I don’t think any company will wait to sign up one of their plans even before the trial period ends.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The only icon of wealth.

Apart from the known relatives, friends and casual acquaintances, we encounter several persons in our daily walks of life. Judging them by their appearance alone can be wrong mostly. Most of them will reflect you; I mean, how you move with them will depend on their behavior with you.

I learnt some valuable lessons from one such acquaintance long back. She never used to show herself that she is wealthy by wearing costly jewels, spending on luxuries etc. I decided that she is also an ordinary middle class person like me.

One day when I started a talk on the increasing cost of gold, she revealed that she possessed a wealth of information on precious metals and especially on gold and silver. She disclosed to me that she has several hundred grams of gold and silver that she accumulated gradually over the years and gold investing has become her habitual savings.

My inquisitive look made her smile and she told me that persons who are wealthy by their possession of precious metals usually don’t show off it. To her, gold is only icon of wealth.

As an investment product, gold is available in coin or ingot form but mostly, people by gold coins from reputed dealers like Monex, who, for over 30 years, the Monex companies have been America’s gold, silver and precious metals investment leader.

Do you know of the gold American Buffalo coins that are available for sale at Monex?. On one side of this coin, the profile of an American is shown and on the reverse side is the American bison, modeled after a popular attraction called "Black Diamond" in the New York zoological gardens.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who should you call for PC repair?

Anyone can buy a top notch computer with all the latest frills such as cordless mouse and key board, bluetooth headset and so on. But when we encounter a problem in the midst of an important work, we first lose our patience.

Then, we try to figure out what can be wrong and invariably, we mess up and cause further damage to our system. We could have avoided this had we called for professional support for pc repair. But unfortunately, we do this as a last resort.

When we buy paying a big price for our computer, we should not hesitate to call for professional help when something goes wrong.

I would like to introduce to you one such expert at solving any IT problems. BT group is a leader in providing IT based services and communications solutions. They offer to attend to your computer problems at your doorstep.

You can call them to your home for:

*Installing a new computer

*Solving a virus attack

*Providing a wireless internet connection

To avail a big £30 off on all computer repair services, you can call them up at 0800 500 295.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For effective internet marketing ideas.

One bottle of cold mango juice is just not sufficient for us in Madras during summer. But then, we have nearly 9 months of summer. Imagine how much we spend on cool drinks every year.

Oh well, let me push on to great new internet marketing ideas. Where can you find them? Go to PlugIM. It is a social bookmarking website meant exclusively for internet marketing related websites and blog posts.

For serious internet marketers, it is a great place to hang around and gather useful content.

Have you heard of "Comment Sniper'? I came across this only today in the PlugIM. It is a free tool that alerts you of a blog post on your favorite blogs that you are reading regularly. No, it is not RSS Feed and it faster than it.

What is Comment Sniper?
"Comment Sniper offers you a way to build targeted, valuable, strong and lasting traffic to your website at no cost, by tapping into the first mover advantage of blog comment posting."

For more details, please read "How to get more traffic..."

Friday, February 08, 2008

The best cure for nail fungus.

The shooting schedule was postponed by a whopping half an hour because the makeup woman did not turn up for her duty in time. I made a big fuss of the delay because I really could not afford that extra half an hour.

I was the chief guest for my former school’s annual mental mathematics competition and the school authorities have arranged the function to be covered by an educational television channel.

Finally, the makeup girl arrived profusely apologizing. When she started her work on me, I happened to notice some oddity on her finger nails. There were colored and appeared rather ugly.

I stopped her and inquired about her finger nails. Was she diabetic? I read somewhere that some diabetic patients are vulnerable to fungus attack. She confessed that her fingernails are affected by Onychomycosis, a sort of fungal infection. How could they ignore such serious abnormalities in their profession?

I was really not bothered about the cause for her nail fungus but I explained to her about the treatment for nail fungus with chemical free zetaclear that is made from natural oils.

Zetaclear not only cures nail fungus but also promotes the formation of healthy nails.

In her profession, where comes into contact with several persons in a day, she is susceptible to skin and fungus diseases that can be contagious. Zetaclear can be her true companion.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

List of FaceBook applications.

I think it is about a month before that I made a blog post on "FaceBook" and why everywhere in the Internet, I have been seeing hundreds of posts on various FaceBook applications. I even criticized a few of my favorite bloggers for their obsession with FaceBook.

After about three days of that blog article, I decided to look into FaceBook and explore it. But when I went there, I was surprised to note that I had registered with them long back.

So I took a serious interest in it and explored about 50 different applications and selected several from that list. I was enjoying the whole process though I didn't know how it is going to be useful to me.

Today, I found out another big list of FaceBook applications but I believe they are not yet approved by FaceBook.

It is for you to decide which are the ones you upload to your FaceBook profile.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Flirting goes mobile.

And mobile is now ubiquitous and a ‘can’t do without’ device. Various ring tones, popular songs as caller tunes, mega pixel camera, FM radio, video recording-all the mobile applications may take a backseat when it can be used to date and take it from me folks, meeting people for fun through mobile networking is just going to sweep the world.

Register with Crush or, give your profile a nice tweak without any deceit and there you go, browsing profiles that make you tingle.

Flirt-it is unhealthy to shy away from the word-right. Well, if you are ready to flirt, this website has got a load of tips exclusive for ...well, not for me but for those who still believe that they can flirt.

But everything is kept untraceable-your name, mobile number etc etc till both parties feel the mutual crush for each other; else one cal always flush.

There is more when you visit the website and be prepared to share it with friends who are essential to your joy.