Thursday, May 19, 2016

Any review of the sellers in FB Group Buy n Sell 24 hours?

I am really tempted by the offers posted in FB Group "Buy n Sell 24 hours". The offers on sarees are sometimes too good to pass.  I would say the rates are nearly 25% less expensive than the showroom prices.

The only worry is about the genuineness of the materials as well as the seller. Since, the sellers do not offer online shopping cart and accept money only through wire transfer, I am reluctant to buy from them.

In addition, there are no way to read any feedback//reviews of the sellers. Creating a simple a blog on free platform is so easy for the merchants to sell and post feedback from the buyers. I wonder why they do not do that!

Moreover, very few merchants post attractive images of the products they sell. Below is an example.

 90% of the sellers post drab images that one won't spare to click to see more.

What a waste of a wonderful media!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

World’s sound offer.

I literally meant ‘sound’ keeping Musicians Friend in my mind. It is the largest music instruments and accessories store where one can shop by different categories and several departments that include guitars, DJ equipments, Lighting bands and video accessories.

My neighbor’s son is just starting as a flute player and he is using an ancient bamboo flute which is found in museums only these days. I asked him why he is sticking on to it when there are umpteen other options are available in, the world’s biggest online shop for music instruments.
Student flute

I asked him to go to that website and look for wood winds category under ‘hot deals’ where he can have a look at several brands of flutes made of metal and plastic. One can also specifically search for student flutes for beginners. will ship your orders worldwide and you can even pay in your own currency. That is a good plus point.

Before buying, I would encourage to read reviews by customers and also call their customer service at 877-880-5907.

One look at their ‘about us’ page located at and any prospective buyer will not search for any other music websites.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The most effective sales converter in the digital marketing world.

This blog post is about the most effective method of converting casual enquiries into assured sales. Offering discount coupons or giveaways unconditionally is the sure fire way to first attract hordes of targeted visitors that then convert into loyal customers.

Here is an example of a webpage from, U.K.’s biggest site where you can grab free samples and discount offers for various consumer items. It is one of the biggest crowd attractors online.

Without any doubt, the internet’s most powerful word is ‘FREE’ and the next attractive word is ‘DISCOUNT’. I would in fact say they are equally attractive in offline media advertising.  Oh yes, I would add the word, ‘sales’ too.

I am sure you remember seeing this message, “Do you have a discount voucher “ while checking out accompanied by a box in the shopping cart to input your discount code offered by the seller of the goods you added to your shopping cart.

Just key in the voucher code and press ‘check out’ and you would be delighted to see a reduction in your final bill. Naturally, we all feel happy even if the saving amounted to just one dollar-right?

 What a hassle free way of saving hard earned money!

Do you know what type of goods attract more buyers in sites similar to voucher king! Cosmetics and beauty items rank number one. The numbers of free samples offered in makeup and personal care items out number free samples in any other category.

I  noticed that the products for children and babies would rank number 2 in the discount coupon offer.

Some of the leading merchants that use to offer their discount coupons are:
Hertz, Ann Summers and YHA

Oh, how I wish I were in U.K.!

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Which is the best cosmetology school in Arizona?

It is heartening note the deep interest to become a trained cosmetologist (certainly a better sounding name than 'beautician) persists, especially among the young women in U.S.

In addition, most of the aspirants choose only the best cosmetology institutions in their area of living.

I read that a leading and renowned cosmetology school has set up five campuses in Arizona alone! It implies that obviously more beauticians are made from Regency Beauty Institute’s Arizona campuses that are part of 89 such Regency cosmetology schools in the U.S.

It was more than 50 years ago, that Regency Beauty school started its first cosmetology education center in Minneapolis and now it is the fastest growing beauty school in the country.

I once met a girl from Manila, who was a graduate of Regency Beauty Institute. I met her in a hotel restaurant. The way she carried herself was all poise and grace which she said she owed it to her education at her beauty school.

I was instantly impressed by her looks and candid admission.

She was all praise for her alma mater which, since the last 5 decades had churned out more professional makeup artists than any other beauty schools in the world.

She said the quality of education in hi-style and ultra modern campuses that housed upscale salons is the best in the U.S.

It is no wonder the graduates of Regency Beauty are grabbed up fast by television studios, tinsel world, salons, cruise ships and celebrities.

 For more information,  contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544