Saturday, November 29, 2014

What are the first causes of anxiety?

For every individual, anxiety is one of the natural emotions. We all get anxious about exam results, interview results, wedding, pregnancy, child’s future and so on. The beginning feeling in all these situations is worry or concern.

However, when this initial feeling gets beyond our control, it is called anxiety that begins to consume our day to day living. When you are beginning to get concerned about the outcome of a particular situation, sometimes, more miseries seem to pile up at your home or office.

 It reaches a stage where you come to a conclusion that you can’t take all of them anymore. Consider the case of me as a teacher. On a daily basis, I deal with boisterous teen students at my class and added to this never ending chaos.

I face my husband who complains about my unruly working hours. Suddenly, the memory of bills to pay for which I have no money adds to my stress. Naturally, the idea of facing another day like this would drive me to anxiety.

 The causes for anxiety for others engaged in various other professions would be almost similar. For most of us, the work place is where our anxiety originates to pressures and expectations.

  Would envying cause anxiety? In addition, when we start comparing our lives with others who seem to be better off than us would also lead to anxiety. Yes, envy is one of the first causes for anxiety.

 Here is another peculiar cause for anxiety. I personally know of persons who are politically attached to a particular party or a candidate whose activities and party status seem to affect their own future. Sometimes, they are more prone to be affected with anxiety than the politicians.

 I welcome you to give your feedback and opinion on causes for anxiety.

This blog post is authored my Malathy Bari

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dating is a waiting game.

Cyber Dating For Single Men. When I disclosed to my friend that I am going to write a series of blog posts on cyber dating for single men, my friend questioned me why do I want target only single men for dating? Do I really thing that only single men seek online dates? Yes, she drove her point. Come to think of it. I don't think so. What prevents married men from using cyber dating sites?

Irrespective of age, height, weight or physical appearance, there is someone for everyone in the Internet dating sites. Don't you think so? Literally men of all ages can find hundreds of women online. While people seek only temporary companionship, you can't rule out long-time relationship that may even end in a marriage! The Advantage of Online Dating for single men:

* The doors are always open if single (?) men decide to end a relationship due to work load or other personal reasons but now have the time to date again.

 * With a just a computer (even a tablet pc will do) and an internet connection, men can search for local dating sites and upload their profile and preferences and wait for someone to respond. Several online dating sites out there offer additional facilities to upload a video profile of you.

 Find if the dating website offers video chatting facility which would be an excellent addition. Whatever may be your preference, while paying your dating membership fee (yes, no free dating sites please) ensure whether the site offers a money back guarantee.

  Wait! Even if one’s profile is too good (in individual’s opinion)to be rejected by women, I think one should not give up hope. After all, internet dating sites are not stagnant with existing members. New people enroll and that might open a door or two to you. Dating is a waiting game (smile) for most of the people.

Monday, November 03, 2014

If only pregnant women give more attention to their maternity clothes...

I don’t have to say that if only pregnant women give more attention to their maternity clothes, they would be surprised how beautiful they would appear.
Certainly they are really missing something called ‘being lovely’.

That’s what came to mind when I came across Happy Mum – a maternity clothes store at London that provides a wide range of tempting, stylish and comfortable maternity clothes and fashion. The website claims that all their products are designed and produced exclusively in Europe.

Happy Mum was created 7 years ago in search of something special for ‘moms to be’ combined with a stylish and feminine look.

I am glad somebody is giving all the attention that ‘would be mothers’ really deserve.

Pregnant women who would like to look more sexier than ever after delivering the baby, should check in what is in store for them at Happy Mum.