Friday, December 27, 2013

Switch-n-Click mouse platform for IT professionals.

I must admit I have ignored the warning signs and now I have to pay for it. I kept postponing buying a keyboard tray that is absolutely essential to me as I have already been affected thrice with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Most of the computer users who sit before their PC for more than 9 hours a day are affected by this painful condition.

 My height is 153 cms, my husband’s height is 173 cms; we both use one computer. But the computer table is fitted with an old fashioned key board with no separate provision for keeping the mouse at comfortable height.

Are you beginning to understand the inconvenience of me?

I came to know about a Switch-n-Click mouse platform. This keyboard tray is unique with a swivel facility and can also be tilted by the user as per his comfort. We are given the options of keeping the mouse at two different heights. is a complete shop for comfortable work station furniture. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Payday loan for young architect.

David looked totally crest fallen. It was really odd as I know him to be a cheerful person always.

He is an architect and worked for a construction firm and lived fairly well. Once in way though he used to confide in me of his regrets and poor decisions. He once told me that that he should have opted for a career in IT industry. I don’t blame him because the IT industry pays much more than other fields. .

Construction engineers are not that highly paid as IT engineers though the demand for them never wanes.

I asked him the reason for his sullen mood. He immediately became shy and informed me that he has managed to get a date and wanted to have a real big fun filled weekend. And he is short on cash. Ah, that’s it then.

He was too proud to ask me for a loan. He inquired if I know of payday loans company and who will deliver the fastest cash.

When I asked when he needs the cash and he replied he wanted it yesterday. Poor man, he must be really desperate.

I wrote down the web address of a Fast Cash provider on a piece paper and urged to him to speak to them immediately. I know that finance company’s customer care is dependable.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I am again ditched.

I was shocked at the behaviour of my maid which was highly indignant. The way she replied to my questions was very odd. She was never like this over the years and I thought she was rather impolite.

Actually, she is well educated and employed too in a secretarial firm. She visits our neighborhood once a week to help 3 families with odds and bits.

I hired her to organize my files and papers which used to be in mountains at the end of Saturday. I am actually paying her for my untidiness.

The weekly help abruptly stopped coming without any notice. When communicated over phone, she said she won’t be resuming her weekly trip since she is now on her own. I was surprised as I know that she is a regular visitor to several payday loans online resources.

On further prodding, she said she started her virtual secretarial service and she is now happy that she need not depend on payday loans henceforth.

Hmm… what a lady!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Get your full guitar set including amplifier at throw away price now.

When I saw him coming in lugging a large bag, I thought he was carrying his cricket gears. He is my son’s friend, a Norwegian. I casually asked him what his favorite brand of cricket bat. He blinked for a few seconds before replying that he doesn’t play cricket but guitar.

Ah, I then realized what he was carrying in a bag that looked similar to the ones carried by cricketers. Before I talked again, he opened his bag to take out a guitar that looked real sleek and guitar cable that connects his guitar to an amplifier.

He informed me that these days, a professional guitar player buy a full set of equipments that consist of all the above and the amplifier. Of course the guitar picks are also included in the rogue rocketeer electric guitar pack redburst that costs only $120.

Yes, you read it right, the $120 is for all the above accessories and the sleek guitar.

Monday, December 02, 2013

Is Internet useful or harmful?

This is a much debated topic especially in third world countries where parents who still live in an era they were born and refuse to accept contemporary cultures however convenient they may be.
Some parents while embracing Internet and smart phones in their life don’t agree when their children do the same.

Very biased-eh?

There is widespread opinion that young generation doesn’t read books, journals, magazines and newspapers these days.  I wonder really why should they if they have excellent possibilities to find everything necessary on-line. Except information, you can find a lot of other different things that can widen your outlook. 

You can visit Louver gallery with famous Mona Lisa, sitting comfortably in your armchair in front of computer screen.

You can also order different services. If you log on to Internet you can purchase anything you can imagine. Just clicking a right button, you can order term paper or pizza, or tickets to a rock concert. Your term paper order will be done easily; pizza will be tasty and day - just wonderful due to Internet services.

Internet without doubt is a blessing for those who have no time and opportunities to go shopping. Besides commercial part of Internet one can also find a wide range of ways of communication. You can chat; use ICQ, instant messengers or an e-mail.