Thursday, June 25, 2015

Where can you buy authentic Bach music instruments?

I am an ardent fan of concerts that are orchestrated with ultimate passion. However, if you ask me the various instruments that are played in a classical music concert, I may not name all of them except some of the older ones that include Bach instruments which are manufactured with very high precision. BTW, do you know that one can buy new Bach trumpets and its accessories at, one of the few places to buy authentic music instruments in the world?

I grew up listening to some of the wonderful classical music of India and that’s why I find myself difficult to turn my ears to modern music.  Nevertheless, I developed a liking for western classical only in the late 70s when a travel companion in a train journey gifted a cassette in return for my offer a bottle of COKE. He was a young Aussie travelling all over the world by working at places of halt.

My favorite music instrument is Veena and sitar and of course trumpet played by highly acclaimed artists in the early 60s. I am sad that modern music instruments pushed several of the older ones into near oblivion.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Can you submit the same article to several websites?

The most common question that an avid internet marketer faces is if he submits an article to one article directory and repeat it to other article directories, will he be penalized by the might Google? Will it be considered as duplicate content?

I would say ‘NO’ to the above two questions.

As long as the content is yours and you wrote it uniquely, and if you don’t change the body of the content, the, you need worry about duplicate content.

However, I would change the title slightly to attract a different set of eyes.

In the past I did this professionally for third parties and found it to be an efficient way to advertise product or services, be it yours or of a third party.

Writing your bio:
At the end of the article, when you write your short bio, think hard to come with click worthy content and use the right keyword to advertise your product or service.  Read several others’ articles and scroll down to the bio. If you are compelled to click on the link in the bio, then, make it as your model.

Remember, article marketing is all about publishing useful information and a little bit of advertising. 

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What is the real reason behind Tossing and Turning in bed?

So, you have this habit of tossing and turning on your bed and sleep refuses to envelop you-right? That’s why you are reading this short blog post.

This popular condition doesn’t spare anyone. When it happens, we invariably find fault with the bed. Why does this happen?

This tossing on the bed and unable to sleep peacefully is really not the result of you not being comfortable; it's the result of you not feeling relaxed.


Actually, sleep means our mind wants to relax by shutting down all channels of myriad thoughts from entering it. True relaxation comes from within you, and has to be triggered by your inner thought process.


Brood on something that would make you happy.

Examine your thoughts; narrow down on to which that really bothers you. You are worried about the outcome of something. Visualize a positive outcome of the same and imagine how you will feel when that happens.

You will start to doze off within minutes.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Buy an Anuenue Ukuele online. Discount sale is on.

I spotted a small bunch of high school children carrying their anuenue Ukueles in the campus I am living. It certainly was an odd sight because I thought the Hawaiian music instrument has not yet come to India. Obviously I was wrong.

In ancient Indian literature, ‘lute’ a musical instrument similar to Ukuele is mentioned but it is not seen on stages any more.

I approached one of the children and asked who teaches them Ukuele. I was surprised to hear the word, ‘YouTube’ from him. I appreciated their learning attitude.

Back to my computer desk, I did a small research on the cost of anuenue brand of Ukueles in India and found out that the cheapest is sold online for just Rs.3447/- 

See the image below. It is supposed to be an American pride though manufactured by a Hawaiian based firm.
Anuenue Ukuele

If you wish to buy this Ukuele online, be sure to buy from an authentic music instruments shop than from any other online shopping sites.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Best gift ideas for your grandparents.

You might have gifted to all ages of people on various occasions. Do you who know value such gifts more and cherish them for long?

It is your grandparents.

Here are the ideal gifts for grandparents.
* A subscription to an online movie rental service. Elder people in the house find it hard to pass the time.  What better gift can be than this?
* A VOIP service will enable them to talk to their relatives without depending on a landline.

* An alarm clock. Yes, they love them.
* Recipe books. Now that they are not very active in the kitchen, they would love to try new recipes leisurely.

Liked all the gift ideas--eh?