Saturday, March 31, 2012

Laptop with illuminated keyboard.

I am still looking (I know you too) for those elusive laptop computers that either run on solar batteries or contemporary light weight lithium batteries that last longer. The world of laptop buffs are ready to pay a higher price if they are assured of laptop battery that doesn’t dry out of energy for at least 12 hours.

It is a vexing issue that has not been resolved though other aspects of portable computers have seen big technological strides. The size shrunk and the weight too is considerably lowered.

Another change that I want to see in laptop computers is keyboard with a light beneath the keys. Most of the times, the light is not enough while travelling in a bus or a train. I don’t know about flights.

Laptop manufacturers are offering big hard disc space, 4 GB Ram etc which a laptop user never requires.

If you interview a set of people who are physically handicapped and ask them what they want in a laptop, you are bound to get fresh ideas.

Are you with me?

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A question to Dhoni.

13 runs leaked off the first over of Praveen Kumar in yesterday's match against South Africa. I want to ask a question to Dhoni and all who are responsible in selecting Praveen Kumar.

Since his debut, have you witnessed an improvement in his bowling and fielding? He has been consistently bowling the same that batsmen find it east to thrash him at will. He is not putting any effort to learn and improve his performance. He hardly beats the batsmen.

Please, Praveen Kumar, show some passion to your game.

Vinay Kumar is one bowler who needs good back up. If the selectors persist with him, he could be a big asset to the Indian team because he is willing to learn and excel. There is a look of steely determination in his eyes and his body language reflect it.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

No fluid batteries.

Was my question so stupid? The budding electrical engineer student’s mouth was open for a long time when I asked him whether saft lithium batteries are suitable to power air-conditioners. Later, after listening to him on various scientific facts about energy storing devices, I admitted to myself that my question crossed the frontiers of stupidity.

Generally, I know Lithium batteries are preferred for laptops and cam coders as both these gadgets are mostly used for long hours and nothing but lithium batteries are best suited for this purpose. In addition, Lithium is a light weight material that makes it ideal for portable batteries.

When the engineering student (he is actually doing a research in electric energy storage) told me about batteries with no fluid thus making them leak proof, it was my turn for my mouth to fall agape. I though not much research and development had gone into energy storing.

He spoke about the usage of glass mat technology in battery manufacturing which I definitely could not comprehend.

In the end, I vowed not to talk to any engineer.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who are the best mobile Internet providers in India?

I don't know how and why my dear Madras is slated to be a big metropolitan city! I measure a city's growth by the internet connectivity that also indicates its infrastructure.

Yesterday, I got a call from one of my blogger friends who is moving to another part of city where there are no telephone lines! In spite of that, the real estate prices there are unreasonably high.

Since she is a freelance content developer, she needs good internet connection. She is unsure of the speed of wireless internet connection provided by Reliance and Tata. I told her that I am very much satisfied with my Reliance data card but she has her own doubts.

In the wake of it, I happen to read a question and answer web page on "what are the best mobile internet provider in India.

I read some new inputs about the subject.
* Vodafone is not customer friendly
* 3G connection doesn't offer good speed than normal connection.

Read all bout it here:

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Use t-nuts for your computer furniture.

The carpenter was not bemused when I laughed at the rate he quoted to make a new computer work station. I thought he was offended by my reaction.

He then decently hid his displeasure and went about justifying his rate. He said he is going to use sturdy t nuts for all the t-slots in the furniture which would hold the joints firmly.

He showed a sample of t-nut (see picture) though he assured me that for wooden furniture, he would use different t-nuts.

The t-nut appeared like a ‘T’ alright and looked like a good idea to use it in t-slots. It seemed like it can hold a lot of weight. I know I can’t apply my mathematics knowledge to find out how much pressure t-nuts can hold but I sensed it can withhold more pressure than traditional bolts and nuts.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Which fruit is the best during Indian summer?

Along with the hot summer sun, we all would see headlines screaming with 'foods that beat the summer'. A newbie would click on it immediately with genuine interest.

People like who are always attracted by lovely pictures would tend to click if the article carries an image of some new food that puts the summer heat away from the body.

But seasoned Internet information seekers would not even give a glance at these headlines in Yahoo! or Bing.

As I belong to the second category, I clicked on an image of something orange that turned out to be the elixir of life 'Amla' aka 'Gooseberry'. The image of them looked odd in orange color. I have never seen amla fruits in orange color-have you? An ornithologist would say they are eggs of big a bird.

Ritika Samaddar is a popular dietician. In her article for Yahoo!, she says that amla also reverses the aging effects that the Indians abhor because of harsh summer sun.

She further adds that "Gooseberry strengthens the heart, hair and different glands in the body, as well and can be drunk at any time of the day."

She is right. Only, big and juicy Gooseberries won't be available during summer in several parts of India.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Becoming a plumber in America.

Becoming a plumber either in America or in any parts of the world must involve the same practical learning; after all, the plumbing works and devices though might differ in appearance but not in purpose-right?

Have you ever wondered why you are not able to find a plumber when you needed him most? The vexing issue is the same for Americans and Indians. I would urge the citizens of the rest of the world may add up their countries too.

Is becoming a plumber very difficult with the advent of high end sanitary fittings?
Is it why there are no new plumbers in the making?
Have they all left for IT field?

In my free general web directory, I have created an exclusive 'plumbing services' category there are only 14 listings since 2005!

I think plumbers have vanished along with their tools!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mini spray tan machine from world’s largest tanning store.

What made people to turn to a spray tan machine even though it is definitely more expensive than traditional tanning ways? When we were all young, we loved going outside to get a tan. We were not at all bothered about exposing ourselves to natural sunlight and nothing harmful ever had happened to us.

We enjoyed the outdoor experience and at the same time got a natural tan that lasted long. Since the advent sunless tanning, we stopped visiting sunny places. We opted to get a tan by visiting beauty salons.

Now, such visits too became dearer due to time constraints and people started buying spray tan machines to use it on their own from the comfort of their home.

As years passed, heavy and big spray tan machines shrunk in size and weight; portable, mini spray tan machines found new homes. Spray tan solution even went to the labs of FDA and came out with ‘Approved’ label on it.

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