Monday, January 30, 2012

If you have money...

I saw this image in Facebook. It was posted in one of the members of Vaishnavisam eclass. Though such things would have been published online and offline, the message carries the potent when read in Tamil.

It seems this board is hung on a school classroom.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looking for an upright electric bass with advanced features?

After responding to a local newspaper advertisement that said an upcoming band group wanted immediately a budding guitar player who is also comfortable with upright electric bass, my son went about in search of a used electric bass to practice.
Since he had three months time before he again went abroad, he decided to acquire some on stage experience with a new music instrument. As he had no idea on what kind of upright electric bass that the band group has, he called them to get the details. He was told that it was a Platino VE-500 model made of spruce.
My son is a self learner. He can pick up the features and nuances of any string instrument on his own quickly. Being an obedient son, he listened to my advice and hired an upright electric bass instead of buying a second hand instrument.
I was not at all surprised when he was hired for a short term by the band captain.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Kohli should lead India?

I adore Kohli and I fully support his views about the ugly Aussie cricketers and non-cricketers. He said he would like to give back to the abuses he received from Ben Hilfenhaus and the crowd. He did exactly that which of course was not liked by Ben Hilfenhaus.

But Ben and the Aussie cricketers and some Indian retired cricketers don't like what Kohli did and talked about. Why?

What is the fun taking abuses and bowing down? This is how my favorite Sourav Ganguly would have reacted and that is why he is loved by Indian cricket fans.

I feel Gavaskar's reprimand of Kohli's reaction is very cowardly. Please shut up Gavasakr! Don't keep losing all the respect you have earned!

Kohli, the only positive cricketer in the present Indian team is definitely the future captain of India!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cheap resin jewelry molds.

I curbed my urge to reply to a question on who supplies resin jewelry molds for fun shapes because I could not understand what he meant by ‘fun shapes’. Did he mean ‘odd shaped’? I could have guided my fellow discussion board member if that was what he meant. I know one of my husband’s friends is in the business of jewelry design. He is a knowledgeable person about resign jewelry molds.

Long before, he took me on a tour of his factory which is restricted to only trusted people. I was awe struck when I saw a live demonstration of jewelry making.

The shed where the hand-made ornaments were crafted was temperature controlled for quick drying of the liquid in the molds. I was told that plastic molds are preferred by most of the jewelry makers over rubber or polyurethane molds over moulds maintenance issue.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

What a dip in AdSense earnings indicate?

Of late, I noticed a slump in AdSense earnings in all my blogs. Have you experienced the same?

I know the AdSense revenue fluctuates wildly for all, irrespective of the popularity of the blog or static website and such variations don't last for more than week.

Web publishers can only write quality content and try their best to attract visitors through every other Internet marketing methods or SEO strategies. None of the webmasters can do anything more to influence the minds of the visitors.

In spite of this, if there is a dip in AdSense revenue, I believe it is due to ads with headlines that are not attracting viewers to click on. If publishers witness a drop in AdSense revenue, then, Google would also experience the same.

Why blame it on ourselves? What do you say?

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shari’s gourmet gift baskets.

My instant (probably yours too) reaction would be a get 'em here shout when I am shown a bowl of Shari’s berries and my favorite juicy cheese cakes. Look at the image here. It looks so real to reach out and sink my teeth in it.

Frankly speaking, the cheese cakes are more inviting to me than the chocolate dipped berries. A basket Shari’s berries would be a suitable gift, in fact a perfect gift for anyone and for any happy occasion.

The popular notion is such delicacies are meant only for Valentine Day gifts. I beg to differ. I would buy Shari’s gourmet gift baskets mostly for parents and elders who are usually gifted with canes and sweaters. Surely, they deserve a better deal.

I would love to see the big smile and glistening eyes on elders’ face when they look at a basket of luscious cakes and pastries.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is implied by educational philosophy?

Bertrand Russell 1907Image of Bertrand Russel.Indian Educational Philosophy
I let in the journalist and offered a rather uncomfortable seat took a similar one for me. He was there to interview on what educational philosophy I follow as a full time academician.

To be frank, I did not understand his question. I know only educational ethics, not any educational philosophies. He allowed me to take my time to answer.

I thought as he said. I told him I am inspired by few philosophers who were not necessarily attached to education. Bertrand Russel profoundly affected my notions about education.

J.Krishnamurthy's educational views and the way he has implemented his philosophies in his Rishi Valley school gave me some directions. His love for birds got my husband interested to visit his school in Madnapallee.

I think influenced by these noted philosophers but follwoing my own instinctive

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Drowned Down Under.

Yes, I think Indian cricket team would be cooked up at the end of 4th test match. The Indians are beaten, bruised, hurt and bleeding. There are too many people citing as many reasons for Indian team's surrender. I am sure the captain and the rest of the playing eleven knows the real reasons. Nevertheless, they won't talk frankly.

Do I have a strategy to defeat the Aussies at their home?

You bet and again, like me, millions of Indian cricket fans would offer a plan that they would claim as defeat proof.

The top two who are called openers are doing their job-opening the slide. It is where the Indian team should be courageous to make change. Yes, they need courage to bring openers who have the patience and temperament displayed by the likes of Sunil Gavaskar and Wasim Jaffer.

Abinav Mukund can be pushed in though I think he is not endowed with many strokes. Still, the Indian team can now afford to experiment as there is nothing more to lose.

A graph showing India's Test match results aga...Image via Wikipedia

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Monday, January 02, 2012

A rare encounter with a real angel.

This blog post is written by my husband R.Badri

To make the sweet story short, I recently met a gentleman who happen to have values in life similar to me. I was searching for a lost contact. Somehow, I remembered the details of his house and gingerly knocked on one silent afternoon.

This gentleman named Mr.Sivaraman informed that my subject () has sold his house to him in 1993. That was eighteen years before. When I explained to Mr.Sivaraman, the purpose of my visit, he invited me in (what a lovely house in excellent surroundings) and traced my friend by making a couple of calls.

I was moved beyond expression. I am a total stranger to him. In spite of that, he extended kindness that is rarely seen these days. He told me that he also believed in connecting with people and staying in touch with friends.

Would I have behaved in the same manner if such an opportunity was presented to me? Would I have had the same patience?

I sincerely doubt!

Thank you Mr.Sivaraman.