Monday, October 31, 2011

Paper shower is useful for wipe on the go.

The video chat session with my son is a routine. Every Sunday, he would come online at 4.00 PM and it would go on till 6.30 PM. Yes, it is all personal between a mother and her only son living in Norway.

Last Sunday, he excused himself for a slight delay. He wanted to take a bath. He came back in less than 2 minutes! How can anyone take a bath in just two minutes?

My son told me that he took a paper shower!

I sat up bolt straight. Paper Shower! Now, this is getting weird. My son then showed a pack of paper towelettes, one wet and one dry. All you need to do is use the wet towelette first and then use the dry one to wipe off the moisture. It is pretty effective he said.

Hmmm.. I am sure paper shower should be made available in Indian trains and it would be a definite hit among passengers.

Wipe on the go.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shameless appreciation for gifts bought from Red Envelope.

Yes, I am biased towards red Envelope when it comes to buying grandma gifts or for that matter gifts for all ages. I am a very choosy mother while buying gifts for any occasion. I like sophisticated and stylish gifts that convey my rich taste. I can find them only in

My recent purchase from them is a pair of rich red throw pillows. I just bought them for no reason except that I like red bedding items. Once in a way, I used to gift myself like this.

Occasionally, I would end up spending more when someone expresses shameless appreciation for my purchase and I have to return their compliments in kind.

Needless to say, I would again approach red Envelope for satisfying my ego.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Most effective anti aging elixir.

With no shame or decency whatsoever, I stared with immense appreciation at the man sitting opposite to me at the eye clinic. His facial skin literally glowed. Suddenly I remembered. He must be using that expensive Argan oil which is reported to be the most effective anti aging elixir.

Argan oil irons out the creases, thwarts acne and even said to prevent psoriasis. Yes, that is how I remembered Argan oil. My dermatologist told me about this antioxidant oil from Morocco when she diagnosed psoriasis for me.

Natural skin care tonic
The oil is extracted from Argan tree, a native of Morocco. Beauty parlors have started using this natural skin care tonic widely.

The good looking man who must be above 45 caught me and smiled at me which was breathtakingly captivating.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

English cricketer Patel resorts to ancient trick.

If a cricket team just vanquished the world champions, naturally their pride would be high on the world. However, what if the same team starts losing to the same world champions with in a few weeks? Their pride will hit the dirt. Oh yes, it is natural and understandable too.

The next natural thing would be for any such team would be to pull up their socks and try to play a better cricket. That is what a true sportsman would do!

Oh no! Not us says the English cricket man Samit Patel. I am sure his name would not ring a bell among genuine cricket lovers. Therefore, let me introduce him to you. Samit Patel plays for England cricket team and bats somewhere lower.

I don't know how he bats but he surly can play cricket with his mouth. He declared grandly that the entire English team is going to abuse the Indian cricket team on the ground. The euphemism for that brave act is 'sledging'.

He is quoted saying that England would carry on sledging in an attempt to "get the Indians out of their comfort zone." (Source:

Of course Mr.Patel, we don't expect anything more from you.

--->Yeah, that's him-Samit Patel

Monday, October 17, 2011

The one stop place for RV insurance.

Would living on the road for the next six months in a motor home require me to opt for additional coverage while buying rv insurance? When I raised this question on the search engines, I was a bit overwhelmed with the information.

I had a tough time filtering the search results. Even after clicking on a dozen links, I stood where I began. I refused to allow the frustration set in. I rephrased my search terms. At last, just before giving up, I read that it is wise to talk to the insurance people directly and find out if they have people on their sales team that deal specifically with motor home insurance.

Drawing a blank, I again took refuge in the web and found out Good Sam, the ultimate destination for motor home lovers. The insight I gained left me speechless. Now, I feel I can take up the career of an insurance agent for recreational vehicles.

Thank you T.N.E.B.

The power went off at about 10.15 pm but I slept on as the room retained some chillness from the a/c. The short lived sleep made me get up and inspect why the power was down.

I was taken aback by the scene in my street. There was a police patrol, several neighbors spilled on to the street and then I noticed the acrid smell. The electricity distribution box got burnt completely.

My heart sank. This meant there won't be power for another 15 to 16 hours. Due to the intervention of some politicians, the technical staff of electricity board gave us temporary connection which is available even as I am writing this.

Thank you EB!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Headrush headphones are sold hot!

The bloggers conference sponsored by Tata Grande and organized by Indi Blogger was poorly covered by the news media that always seem to be partial to pleasant events in the world. Don’t you think so?

A half an hour before the conference started, I entered the hall, made my way to a group who hurriedly took off the headphones to greet me except a gentleman who kept his good looking headphone where it is supposed to be.

This made me take a second look at him and also at his headphones that certainly looked different from the stale looking black headphones. Ah, that must be the reason for him to display it. He wanted to show off his headphones.

I normally don’t restrain myself from admiring anything that stands apart. The knowledge thus gained helps me in being a blogger of diverse subjects.

His headphones (image below) details that I gathered are:

· HeadRush Aftershock Bass Headphones ( sorry, not heard of before)

· 40-watt sound

· Gold plated plug for maximum sound

· Bought it online from The Source (

Nice purchase eh? What better place to show his new look headphones than a bloggers conference?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Indian banks are kicking its customers.

Inflation is on the prowl. Indian economists can't come up with anything productive to check the inflation. As a quick resort, they lay their feet on the coward Indians (including I) and force them to pay more against their home loans.

But what about home loan agreement?-you cry.

What? I did not hear you!-say the banks.

Banks hike rates. The reaction is felt even when we are paying for less frequent expenses. The Indian economists, finance professionals slowly lead the Indian citizens towards a situation where they are forced to miss a repayment or two triggering in a financial collapse just like America.

Banks in India are spineless corporate who never do anything in gratitude to their customers in any way. They keep eating, satisfy their employees' demands, feed the RBI coffers and kick us where it hurts most.

This guest blog post by R.Badrinarayanan is in reaction to the 15% hike in loam loan repayments.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Thanks to Chennai Super Kings.

Thanks to Chennai Super Kings for the meek surrender to a team that bothered none so far in the Champions League 2011. With their exit from the tournament, CSK has helped thousands of its ardent fans to stay away from television thereby saving them time and money.

I will never watch any cricket match hereafter which is going to save me thousands of valuable hours. Already, millions of Indian cricket fans were forced to lose their interest due to Indian cricket team's spineless performance in England.

The poor performances of CSK, RCB and Mumbai Indians would make the crickets stands empty. The revenue drop will hit the BCCI and their pride will take a severe beating.

Goodbye cricket and Goodbye Indian cricket team!