Monday, August 30, 2010

Where are you women leaders?

When one beautiful woman clad in Bikini is making waves, another woman for wearing bikini was afflicted with 40 lashes in another part of the world. What a contrast!

With all such disparities even in 2010, we are talking about women's lib and their role in the world's economy and politics.

I would urge you to read the following two stories published in Times of India today.

Singer Katy Perry (centre) performs on NBC’s ‘Today’ show in New York’s Rockefeller Center .

"Miss Universe designer got 40 lashes for wearing skirt as teenager"
Read full story:

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh yes, it is gold again.

I am by no means a rich person by normal standards but people assume that I am rich. I think they form their opinion looking at the way I spend as if I have stashed currency bundles inside the boot of my small car (boot is a misnomer in my car)!

The real story is, my gold bullion holding (if you can call that) is proving to be very handy. Of late, it finds its way into my bank frequently and of course it comes back to me as fast as it disappeared.

I hope you catch my point.

My small purchases of gold and silver coins over the years were all real authentic pieces and are certified by one the top coins grading agencies. My bank finds no issue over asserting their values and quickly lends against present market price.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Replace shampoo with cabbage for luxurious hair.

I just completed reading an article in Yahoo! about how to nurture luxurious hair.

The adjective 'luxurious' when applied to hair is so pleasing to utter. As you say it, you already feel like having gorgeous hair.

There is a noted beautician in India named Dr. Sonia who says you better head to your kitchen than to your bathroom if you want great looking hair, which is definitely the number one beauty accessory to any woman.

Shampoos, conditioners ET all are not your ultimate tools for beautiful hair. Your hair too is what you eat.

Here is what to eat...
* Leafy Vegetables contains natural hair conditioner called Sebum.
* As per Auyrvedic doctor Ram Mohan, women should eat eggs. However, I know many women apply on their hair!

* A few spices like turmeric, cumin and black pepper are essential for healthy hair growth. It is cautioned however that you should not use them when they are mixed with other spicy stuff.

Which Indian movie star has the most luxurious hair?

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Do you want to buy budget shutters?

Yesterday, I shopped around for budget shutters at the wrong place. I entered a popular furnishing shop knowing pretty well that they only sell up market blinds and shutters.

Since I have not visited the shop in the last 10 years, I anticipated they would have developed sense to cater to the needs of every segment. But no!, they have not changed a bit.

So, I retreated and called up a second sales dealer and inquired if he has something for me. He told me to drop in.

I am aware that of alternative shutter materials that are less expensive. Vinyl shutters are cheap but I wanted something different.

The dealer informed me I can buy wooden shutters at discount prices if I can locate a wholesaler. For interior shutters, wood is an ideal choice and the room itself will sport a rich look.

Basswood offers a fine, uniform texture with an indistinct grain, which makes it ideal for painting.

I have a ‘do it yourself’ book that explains how to install the shutters without a carpenter’s help.

I returned home empty handed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beautiful Philippines and exotic islands.

I have been invited to Philippines to attend a marriage in Manila. Do you know how the invitation was? The host sent a few photographs along (see below) with the invitation and I am hooked.

Are there really 7000 islands in Philippines?

My host is only an online contact who once built a website for me as a freelancer. I hired her through DP forum. After looking at these pictures, I wish to sail. It would the experience of my life.

This is Batanes Island in Northern Philippines. Lucky cows-eh?

This is actually a crater named Pinatubo Volcano Crater Lake , Zambales

Boracay Island, Aklan

El Nido Bay , Palawan

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

The value of gold will never increase!

I concede to your claim that you know when and where to buy gold coins, but do you know that, the basic value of gold has not changed ever since the yellow metals caught the fascination of humankind.

I know you are about to argue with me: “why then, we keep paying more to buy a single gram of gold.” It is because the paper currency has been losing its value of purchasing power that gives you the impression that the value of the gold has gone up.

The gold remains the same in all its physical and chemical qualities. Even the cost of mining gold has come down due to usage of modern machineries thus bringing the production cost of gold bars.

We still use gold in ornaments and in nothing else. We don’t convert gold into edible products.

Therefore, the value of gold remains the same and that is why investing in gold at any time is the safest way to preserve your wealth.

The latest web release by the United States Gold Bureau emphasizes the above point only.

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The coolest street in Madras.

I am again contemplating a move. My current location, though only 6 KMs from my office is still far away for the parents of my students.

When my office was functioning from my residence, parents found me easily accessible to to talk to me about the performance of their children. Now, because of the distance, they have complained to me that they are not able to meet me in person as and when they want to.

There is a sense of truth in it. So, I have decided to move to my old locality. Yesterday, I inspected two flats and I liked one of them. It is a large house located in a shady street where I wanted to live.

Now, I can see my dream a reality at last. The price is definitely beyond my means. However, I trust God will show me a way as he only showed me that house as if he to ask me, "Is this where you wanted to live"?

It is the coolest street that I have seen in Madras.

Women's day? Whom you are deceiving?

We the women who build families have no respite from taking care of our family. First comes our immediate family, then comes our in-laws' family and then the family of our children...oh, it goes on and on.

During this lengthy period we learn extremely valuable information of various ailments that affect our family. We come to know about effective home remedies and we begin to learn the language of the cries of the baby.

If only we blog about what we have learnt, won't our life experience have a meaning?

I admire this woman Trish Ryan, who has done exactly that-built a blog based on her motherly life.

Please pay a visit to her

Image courtesy: Yahoo! images.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fascinating silver ingots.

My original plan to buy silver bullion (a 10 oz silver bar) was shelved as I waited for the U.S. Mint’s new 5-ounce silver coins as part of the America’s Beautiful Quarters Program. These coins were expected to hit the bullion market in June 2010.

As I could not find a dealer for the new 5 oz silver coin, I have now decided to order the 10 oz silver bar from the U.S. Gold Bureau who has been screaming for attention of precious metals investors through their press release that strongly encouraged us to invest in silver bullion.

Silver bars also known as silver ingots are pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. I have so far converted all my silver coins into ingots to facilitate easy storage.

The U.S. Government has been a silver buyer since the demand for this precious metal has steadily increased since 1990.

Don’t you think it is advisable to follow them?

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Give only safe toys for your pet birds.

When my husband told me to dress up yesterday evening, I was reluctant to stir up my laziness. Sundays evenings make me feel dull.

I managed to get up, dressed carelessly and went out with my husband. He took me straight to his friend’s house where I was greeted by a few beautiful looking lovebirds fearlessly hopping around.

There were a few odd looking objects scattered on the floor. I was told that there were safe toys for the birds to play with. This is the first time I am hearing about bird toys!

“Taking care of a pet bird is like being nursing a child”-our friend told me proudly. You must do some research in the Internet and buy the safest toys for different kinds of birds.

When he told me that all birds need toys, I was not convinced. Birds are freedom lovers. Surely, they don’t find toys to play with when are on trees! It is only when they are arrested behind cruel gages, they are forced to peck on strange objects and we call them as toys!

The whole idea was disgusting to me.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

NCS test for diabetic foot.

I saw my husband writing in discomfort when he had taken the NCS (nerve conductivity study) test two days ago. The technician applying electric current at various places on both his legs and toes.

Even though the electric current was mild, I felt sad when I watched his feet twitching involuntarily. His ankle and toe movements were recoded in the computer. The whole scene was like we see in movies.

The test is an expensive affair. We paid Rs.1800.

The NCS test took about 30 minutes. Yesterday, I collected the report which did not throw any light to me.

Monday, August 02, 2010

For emergency RV towing, call 1-800-842-5351

Do you think a need for rv towing entered the mind of the first designer of the recreational motor home? I don’t think so. In those days, manufacturers would not have created room for after sales service in their thoughts. Customer service was not the order of the day then. Therefore, you can’t blame the designer of the first recreational motor home if he had not anticipated a need for towing away such a huge machine.

Good Sam saw it as a business opportunity and they launched emergency road services to caravans that included RV towing, RV breakdown assistance and more.

Since their launch, they have grown rapidly, earning the trust and confidence of RV owners and RV rental services. They now offer 24-hour emergency road services across the length and breadth of North America including Mexico.

For an affordable sum of just $79 a year, RV owners confidently hit the road with their families. Good Sam has built up an extensive network of RV repair service in North America, Canada and Mexico.

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