Thursday, January 31, 2008

Know the basics of domain registration.

In the year 2000, I registered my first domain. Before registering, I read several guides that taught me how to register a domain starting with the name selection. I have learnt a lot from these guides and I share with you a few salient points here.

The name of the domain should be as short as possible and it should indicate what the website is about.

Next, it should be registered for at least three years if the purpose of the website is going to be business as this will instill confidence among the buyers of your product or service. Yes, this made a lot of sense to me.

Next point to consider was the selection of a domain registrar. A domain registrar should have acquired an accreditation from authentic organization. Also you much check to see if they off domain forwarding service and managed DNS service.

The final important aspect is to lock the domain so that it is protected from unauthorized domain transfer.

I hope these valuable guidelines for domain registration are useful to you also.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Confidential transaction for cash advances.

I am called a very secretive and private person. But ironically, I talk more through blogs nowadays. Yes, to some extent, I admit I have been a private person though talkative.

I don’t confide much in others and I also don’t share my joys and sorrows.

Whatever I do, I don’t talk about it like my husband. He is the extreme. Even if he is little short on cash, all his friends will know about it.

On the other hand, given the same situation, I prefer to silently explore the possibilities of availing a payday loan. For that, I generally, look in where, several payday loans issuing companies are rated by users like you and I. is a sort of market place where payday loans and cash advance sites are reviewed and ranked by people who have used these sites to get cash fast.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tutorials on CSS, PHP and more.

While I was preparing tutorial on a few tough mathematics topics, I stumbled on to one can upload their own tutorial creations on varied subjects that includes CSS, PHP, HTML and Javaceript.

I love these tutorials and I usually bookmark them for future use or to refer it to somebody who is vainly searching for such tutorials.

Why, even I was searching once a for an easy to understand tutorials on PHP. I needed to learn it to fine tune my PHP based web directory.

" Endihm was launched in December 2006 by Ludwig Pettersson and Niclas Bergström. We launched the site just as a place where we could gather the best articles about web development, easily browse through them and learn a thing or two."

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Mahalo search engine.

After three months, I started my first work. I registered with them in the month of October itself. But I did not put in any efforts to learn the trade.

Finally, on one of those non-blogging days, I downloaded all those mind boggling tutorials and took two days to read. Then I sought help from any of the Indian guides but a very kind hearted lady from the dependable America came forward to guide me.

And she is an excellent coach and she took only two chat sessions to prepare me. I submitted the work and it was already rejected four times. But I welcome all those rejections that gave me tremendous opportunity learn.

And the official guide from Mahalo also is simply superb in her guidance. I thank them all and am looking forward to work with them for a long time.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A.E. Feldman is a global choice.

The last Sunday news paper did not kindle any interest in me. It was overloaded with crime, crime and nothing but crime news. Stories about weak American economy and its negative impact on other world markets predicted more gloom and no cheer.

So, I just casually opened the ‘Classifieds’ supplementary news paper and browsed through ‘Wanted’ ads without any real purpose. I saw a few Job Placement ads that won’t encourage anyone to approach them. I don’t think they have any good record that can speak for them.

I remember reading a web release of A.E. Feldman Associates some months ago. They are the top notch recruiting company in the U.S. Since 1967, they have maintained a high standard of service.

I would like to quote here from the web release:

“Our reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements have helped us build strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates… to the benefit of both sides of the employment equation.”

Now I am able to remember why that particular piece remained in my memory. The word ‘discretion’-I wonder how many placement organizations are discreet in their dealings. When I read that sentence in the web release, I know they meant it, otherwise, it would not have been said at all.

Their specialization in getting risk management jobs in multinational banks and various other financial corporations attracts suitable candidates from all over the world.

They fill positions nationally from middle to executive to top “C level” management.

Tendulkar's one more century.

To my mind, only the most lazy persons who have absolutely nothing else to do, keep writing about when Tendulkar will retire?

Atrocious it is. Why should they keep on writing about him instead of writing about his single handed support to Indian cricket reputation? Why don't they write about the retirement of aging persons in other public field?

And look at his another achievement today in Adelaide-one more unbeaten century against Australia! When the cricketers of other countries are envious of India because of Sachin Tendulkar, here, a few are calling for his head.

How perverted!

I am going to stay positive.

I stood firm with a positive frame of mind amidst chaos and gloom in the national stock exchange. Yes, I have witnessed worse than this but the market continues to discount international economical distractions and stay afloat. So, basically, the Indian economy is no more dependent on the world economy.

Yes, to a large extent, FII contribute to the market fluctuations in both ways. I foresee their influence will also be pushed to back by new national investors. In about a year, this might happen.

There is a growing feeling among the Indian citizen that India should dictate terms to other economic powers in the world.

I too hope to be a contributing factor.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

SMS ‘NFL’ to 26220.

Since 1977, (I was only 18 years then), I have been reading and hearing about the Super Bowl and the festivity that surrounds Super Bowl Trophy Championship.

I was brought up near a football ground. In fact, you can say I was raised in a football ground because of the proximity of our house to the football ground. I developed a natural affinity to the game.

Growing up, I kept track of the super bowl trophy and even I maintained paper cuttings for while. Like every hobby, I lost the interest in paper cuttings but never in the football game.

I heard that tickets for Super Bowl are very hard to get and people used to pay high premium to get a vantage seat. This gave rise to several ticketing agencies offering their services and among them, the most dependable service is given by TicketsNow.

TicketsNow has just announced a savings of whopping $500 on a pair of super bowl tickets by simply text messaging “NFL” to 26220. Once your text message is received, you will receive a code that you can redeem at during checkout. You can also call (800) 927-2770 for your code.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Business funding is easy with Alliance-Leicester Commercial Bank.

This is a long story but I will cut it short but I assure you that this blog post can change your future if you are a budding entrepreneur.

I watched the business of my husband crumble to pieces and he ended up with huge debt. This happened in the year 1999. Though he had the drive to run the business and enjoyed challenges (he still does), he lacked proper financial support and backup.

Yes, it was his drawback only and not a weakness. When I followed a link in my email to Alliance-Leicester Commercial Bank and came to know about their willingness to fund businesses, I feel like reviving the spirit of my husband and may be help him get on his feet again.

I carefully read their services and I must say I am definitely tempted to open a free Business Current Account with them and enjoy the following.

* The annual interest rate on loan is only 6.26% AER (variable)

* Day to day banking transactions is free and unlimited. (I intend to ask what this is about)

* They have 250 branches that will make it convenient to gain access.

* Internet banking.

There are some more facilities but these are the main advantages to my knowledge.

I intend to talk to them soon

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Organize your academic papers online.

A lucky day today for me. I found a free online service that I have hoping to stumble upon, (yes, I lost hopes to find it)where I can store all my academic papers and share it with other academicians.

But actually, I would really would like many maths students to view my papers on which I have put in a lot of efforts.

The Cite You Like is an online academic papers storing website. It is a great resource for students of every faculty.

How it works:
It is amazingly simple to extract what you like on the web. With a click of a button, you can do this to add to your personal library. CiteULike automatically extracts the citation details, so there's no need to type them in yourself. It all works from within your web browser so there's no need to install any software.

You can organize your online storage using appropriate tags. This is a website for students and teachers exclusively.

Do you need cash urgently?

The last three days were spent busy blogging in spite of the holidays. There were an unusual number of blogging assignments and I had to skip all the good programs on TV to meet the deadline.

In the midst of all these, there were several calls from telemarketers but surprisingly all of them were related to bad credit loans and I am the last eligible person for that because my credit worthiness is impeccable.

However, due to persistent requests, I gave the telephone number of one of my friends who is their ideal candidate. Ironically, a person with bad credit can regain his credit worthiness by availing a bad credit loan and by paying the installments promptly.

I remember a website ( that is full of resources and offers from several cash loan providers. One can do a comparison between various offers and the one that is best for them.

It is also place for home loans and auto loans.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New IT course by Capella.

This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

The latest web release of capella university through announces the new PhD program in IT. There are very few universities in the world that offer PhD program through distance education. When Capella announced this new course, it means they are expecting a demand for I leaders especially in academic field.

Students are offered the option of choosing a general program or a specialization in information technology education.

“I am excited to see this new PhD program, especially since there are very few institutions in the country that offer doctoral programs in IT,” said Han Reichgelt, PhD, chair of the Special Interest Group for Information Technology Education of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM).

This will motivate students from all over the world to enroll themselves in this online PhD in IT. Capella has already earned a great reputation and is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capella Education Company headquartered in Minneapolis. For more information, please visit or call 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552).

Free tutorials directory.

I welcome these free tutorials in the internet and I am pleased always to write about them in my blog. This is a great service to the students' community and also lessens the financial burden of the parents.

I wonder how sites like operate for free. I feel students who are utilizing the website should liberally donate to them I appreciate the immense efforts of developers of these tutorials.

I too was looking for some information on servers and I found this article to be of some help.

Users of this website can also give their review about the tutorials they studied. There is a forum that is rather huge and very actively participated.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"Are we safe" ask Indian women.

I am deeply hurt and I also feel the pain in my body as if I have been violated. Reading the article in 'The Hindu' today titled "An assault on dignity" I am more than shocked at how the victims have been the sufferers and how very little is reported in the media.

I strongly differ the opinion of Kiran Bedi when she is reported to have said that media should not be blamed for highlighting certain incidents that happened in Bombay. She is also reported to have said that it is the responsibility of fellow citizens to come to rescue the victim.

Yes, I do agree that we all have a social responsibility but what about those perpetrators of the crime in Bangalore who are said to M.B.A. graduates working in TCS. The punishment for traffic violation in India is a joke.

I am of the opinion that the license of the traffic violaters should be revoked permanently and they should be shown in every TV channel.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Compare only the valuables.

We humans have a peculiar mentality. When we decide to buy something for our kitchen or a comfortable study desk for our children, we do a lot of asking around before deciding where to buy. This oral shopping is mainly to ensure we buy the cheapest with quality pushed to the background.

But when we choose to invest our small savings by buying precious metals like silver or gold, we straight away head to the nearest jewel shop and buy whatever is on display. We don’t doubly check on the quality of the precious metal or the experience and reputation of the precious metals dealer.

I am not implying that your nearest jewelry shop is not trustworthy. But I would instead go to the best in this field and return back home confidently having bought the best quality at the best market price.

I think you are right now guessing what will be my choice? Yes, you are right; Monex Deposit Company (MDC) is my all time favorite because of their reputation as the most trusted precious metals dealer in America.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Shame, shame, poppy shame.

Mark Benson must have been relieved to raise his finger against the glare and shout from Ricky Ponting and Sourav took his long walk back to the dressing room (to undress of course and wear something civilian).

The entire world was shocked at the attitude of Ricky Ponting and I am sure there were many Aussies among them.

I have great respect for Adam Gilchrist. But that took a beating when he dishonestly appealed for a catch off Rahul Dravid's pad. And the way he demonstrated his glee was sufficient for Steve Bucknor to accede to the appeal.

Invariably, such unsporting horrors continue to happen only Down Under. Oh, those ugly .....!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

FaceBook, FaceBook and more of FaceBook.

It seems the entire Internet is obsessed with FaceBook-the online social community. First it was MySpace, then the attention was on Orkut and now this FaceBook.

I really wonder if it is really true that FaceBook boasts of several million users! I feel, certain websites and and other review sites are alone responsible for the 'reported' popularity of FaceBook.

I am a regular reader of Mashable's blog feed. In his daily blogging effort, his blogging topics cover FaceBook by nearly 60%. Even he won't have time to spend on FaceBook going by the number of in depth blog posts he writes everyday.

At the beginning, everybody registers at any new social networking website but soon wither off having been satiated. To me, it is all a waste of time. I am sure many will disagree with me, but....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Free autographed sports memorabilia.

I immediately forwarded the email to my husband because he is an avid collector of sports memorabilia. The email asked me to click on Sports Credit Card Low APR that will enable me to get a pre-approved sports credit card.

The features of the credit card include:
· Autographed memorabilia by past and current players.
* VIP access to sports events.

Yes, the card is packed with all other regular features that every credit carries with it.

But my husband takes time to decide. He wanted to ensure that he gets the best bargain. So, he asked me to compare the offers from other such credit card issuers. He directed me to, one of the Internet’s longest running sites for online credit card comparison. It allows consumers, business and students alike to search, compare, and apply for all types of credit card offers, everything from low interest and reward card to cards for people with bad to average credit.

Shortly after that, I submitted a list to my husband.