Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dot Flowers is very busy.

It is just only 17 days away-The Valentine’s day falls on Feb 14th.

Dot Flowers is literally buzzing with orders of valentines day gifts from their long standing customers and new customers as well.

One thing about them that show them apart from other gift vendors is their in depth knowledge of the right flowers for the right occasion plus they always come up with unique gift ideas for every occasion and events.

By giving the appropriate flower, one can convey the message one has in mind to the person one is interested in (called one's Valentine).

It is a misconception that Roses alone are the best flowers for Valentine’s Day. In India, Hyacinth and Butter Cups are preferred over roses.

Fabulous flower gift ideas and gorgeous gourmet gift baskets perfect for anyone on our list, we can depend on Dot Flowers for timely anywhere across U.S.A.

Dot Flowers offers a diverse selection of flower bouquets, gift baskets, gourmet food, and more for those folks seeking a little buzz from their online gift giving experience.

Dot Flowers is very busy, so rush your orders to avoid disappointment.

A freelance blog creator.

This blog was created by a Canadian whom I consider as just an online acquaintance.

But I was impressed by his communication and paid him his fees to create this blog. I was a sub zero in that time in blog creation. All I could do was to make a blog post that too splashed with grammar mistakes.

But over these past several months, I think I have become sort of sort of an expert in creating a blog with

Yesterday, my friend's wife came to my house seeking my help to create a blog for her. You know what happened, I created it in less than 3 minutes. Don't you think I can launch myself a freelance blog creator and charge a small sum like my Canadian contact?

But no, this knowledge is given to me by God and I shall forever offer my skill free of charge.
I can also now give serious coaching in blog promotion and blog tools.

Thank you God!

Free link exchange for us.

One can stop wasting their time in finding out the free link exchange services in the internet.

Get high quality, spam free, relevant theme based inbound links in minutes. Free Link Exchange is free services and very effective as it is manual. Join now to improve you link popularity and search engine ranking.

Every body need traffic; and 85% traffic comes form search engines. Traffic from search engines requires you higher ranking in search results for your keyword. Higher ranking is directly associated with your link popularity. Free Link Exchange is here to solve this problem of getting one way theme based links.

You spend lot of time in finding relevant link and the than add link on your web site and informing link partner and waiting for the response. Here is totally time saving as you just have to put link on you site rest will be done by free link exchange staff for you for FREE.

The 'About us' and 'FAQ' links are not opening up in this India based web site.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The success story of Simmons, Jannace & Stagg.

Behind the success of simmons jannace & stagg, I don’t find any woman but I could attribute several other factors such as a set of high legal ethics, understanding the needs of the clients, employing alternative dispute resolution techniques and earning a peer review rating by Martindale-Hubbell.

If you are new to Martindale-Hubbell, the Martindale Directory and Hubbell's Legal Directory’s purpose was "to furnish to lawyers, bankers, wholesale merchants, manufacturers, real estate agents, and all others the address of one reliable law firm, one reliable bank, and one reliable real estate office in every city in the United States.

Also one more important factor for their reputation, this firm provides guidance in choosing a business form and has organized corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other legal entities throughout the U.S., as well as negotiated and prepared joint venture agreements and buy/sell agreements.

No wonder several fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc are their clients.

Social network aggregator.

Keeping up-to-date with all of your friends' activities across various parts of the social web can be a pain and that's where Spokeo hopes to make life a little easier. Started by four recent Stanford graduates, the service is best described as a social network aggregator which presents each user with an updated view of all of their friends' activities on sites such as MySpace, Digg, Flickr and YouTube. In fact Spokeo has support for over 20 of the most popular social networks, as well any site that provides an RSS feed.

To begin using the service, a user submits their user name or profile URL for each social network that they belong to, from which Spokeo then imports any 'friends' associated with each network, ready to track updated content. You can also manually add additional people you wish to track, by simply adding each of their profile URLs or blog RSS feeds. However, Spokeo currently only syndicates publicly available content, meaning that it won't work on sites where a friend's profile or content is set to private or has restricted access.

Spokeo also has a feature called "Recommend". When you recommend a post or any other content syndicated on Spokeo, all of your friends who are also members of the site will immediately see it on their Spokeo page. This way, content syndicated on Spokeo can spread beyond the first degree of friendship — giving the site its own social dynamic.


Free multimedia manager.

This free software designed to help you organize and view multimedia files (images, audio, and video). It gives you the ability to watch movies, listen to music, and view graphics in a slide show. Image files in a folder can be displayed using a number of views, including a thumbnail view that lets you quickly see what your images are without having to open them. You can convert graphics from one type to another, print, and create HTML album.

This easy-to-use software supports 86 multimedia formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, PHOTO CD, TGA, MP3, MIDI, MOD, AVI, MPEG.

I suppose podcasters and Youtube fans will like this software. I admit, I have absolutely no use for this software at present.


Friday, January 26, 2007

The three (R)s of Jamaica.

And those are Reggae, Rum and Red sunset.

Reddish sparkles of light anoint Jamaican sunsets with a magical allure of tropical paradise. Beautiful beaches ring the island and numerous waterfalls call visitors to the lush island hills.

The famous James Bond beach is on the north end of the island in Ocho Rios, close to what was the home of his creator, Ian Fleming.

One can stay in a blue mountain resort located in Strawberry Hill. Occupying the flat top and steep sides of a standalone mountain, this secluded Blue Mountain resort 15 km (9 mi) northeast of Kingston features views of the city and harbor from 945m (3,100 ft) up.

What welcome you are a 19th century, Georgian-style airy cottages, and a full-service Aveda Concept Spa, with elaborate botanical gardens and a gourmet restaurant serving New Jamaican cuisine.

If you act fast, you can enjoy a 50% off on various facilities and the entire package is called cancun all inclusive offered by, the leader in the all-inclusive travel experience. has set a new standard for hospitality websites catering to the high-end while offering great rates, tremendous savings up to 50% off regular rates, and more! Savings on all-inclusive resort vacations begin at

Do you require an internet booster?

Frankly I don't know. I don't find my system to be slower.

I happen to read an article at on the subject.

It is essential that the system that we use is updated and fast - thus the need to install an internet speed booster. This service claims to keep “your system healthy and responsive”.

The internet speed booster is actually a set of 3 functions;
it prevents the user from getting disconnected by the Internet Service Provider (ISP);
allows to exercise full control over the Ping interval host and sound.

It also plays a role in monitoring the method by which the Windows PC sends and receives data across the internet to prevent the information from getting lost. The function Free Memory utility helps to free the RAM or the physical memory on the system.

This can be done by selecting a particular amount of free memory and then pressing the “optimize” key. In fact it can also be programmed to automatically “optimize” RAM when it goes beyond a
particular target level.

However, it should be noted that original internet speed cannot be changed without the up gradation of the hardware; Internet Speed Booster can only help in increasing the speed by making the best use of the existing network settings and windows modem.

I thank the source for this article.

Genuine web marketing solutions.

The web is a web, once you enter to find something you are looking for, you invariable get entangled, get diverted just about everywhere.

I had this experience even yesterday when finding a reliable solution to market my proposed web site.

Just when I was about to quit, I saw the name Karnab Web Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd.

Karnab Web Marketing Services Pvt. Ltd. provides turnkey web marketing solutions. They take a look at the product or service you want to promote, and the website you want to promote it through and come up with a customized strategy that would give you maximum ROI for your promotional budget.

This strategy would include (but would not always be limited to) Search Engine Optimising your site, creating Pay Per Click campaigns on Google Adwords and/or Overture, Affiliate Recruitment and Management, Lead Generation strategies, Revenue Generation through Google Adsense and more.

KWebMarketing is currently located in Koramangala, Bangalore, India.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Buying flowers? Then read this.

When you order flowers online there are some important things to think about:

*Who is the recipient and what is your relationship to that person?

*Where will the floral delivery take place?

*Will you be sending flowers to someone's home or to their workplace?

*What flower captures the occasion and your sentiment perfectly?

These useful tips are given by Teleflora, a family-owned floral company with almost 35 years of experience in the flower industry.

To survive and flourish in any industry for 35 years requires plenty of dedication. Well, Teleflora’s customers must have been immensely satisfied to have supported them all these long years.

Now please read this another important advice below:

“If your intent is to send something to a friend who has been ill or just needs cheering up a Telefora “Bear Hug” arrangement of all yellow flowers with snapdragons, sunflowers and carnations is a great choice for making people smile”. has chosen a huge selection of arrangements and bouquets for all of your special and everyday occasions. See what they have in store for birthdays, anniversaries, everyday and more!

Gift a bouquet! Create a smile!

Cost Per Term Advertising.

A google adword prompted me to look up on John Chow who promises to show how to make money from my blog without charging a fee.

But when I visited his blog, I got diverted to a term called ‘CPT’ meaning Cost Per Term advertising.

He was referring to a website named Advolcano which says “The CPT model allows advertisers to purchase ads at a fixed rate for a set amount of time. In essence, the CPT model works much like classified ads, whereas the publication, rate, and ad lifetime are all predetermined”.

But John Chow made it easier to understand; “The easiest explanation of cost per term are those Text Link Ads links listed under the Featured Sites section on the right sidebar. Advertisers pay a flat monthly fee to have those links listed there. It doesn’t matter what the blog traffic level is during the month or how many clicks the links received, the advertiser pays one price”.

Oh sure, I am aware of this strategy but never felt the need to advertise(as if I have something to advertise).(smile)

However, I enjoyed John’s humor in this sentence, “From a startup standpoint, a CPT network like AdVolcano is the easiest to start because you don’t need a huge technology infrastructure - only God and Google knows how much was spent on their fraud detection software”.

I saw also noticed ‘John Chow’ as one of the publisher in advolcano’s home page.

Myspace bulletins-are they worth it?

Getting the word out to as many people as possible about a website's product or service is the one and only goal of every netizen.

People search for new ways to propagate or try out some of the time tested methods of internet advertising like classifieds, traffic exchange, email campaign and signature advertising.

My sister is a member of several forums but very active in Digital Point forum. There she reads plenty of messages through which myspace members offer their services of sending out a news bulletin to thousands of their network members.

For example, if you engage one of such person's service, he promises to send out a few sentences containing about your website or blog to his huge network. The charges are of course easily affordable, but I am wondering whether it will be effective. Will his network of friends really read his online bulletin?

Any suggestion?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Akshaya Thrithi- a festival in India.

This festival is somewhat special in India mostly welcome by women and dreaded by men.

Yes, there is a belief among Indians that if one buys some precious metal for however insignificant value on this day, then they are likely to buy gold or silver throughout the year.

Some belief!

Cashing in on this, precious metals merchants and nationalized bank gear themselves up fully and entice the public with offers of discount, installment purchase and other added gifts.

Most of the famous gold shops will witness a queue in front of them to buy gold as coins or as ornaments. The craze will go on till late in the evening and the next day will be reserved for showing around their proud purchases.

I think, Monex too can seize this opportunity and set up a store here. When the entire American people can trust them as honest and dependable, why not we?

I think women of India are thinking beyond profits to better secured investments.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What exactly is video conferencing?

We all come across the word 'Video Conferencing' everyday in our emails, news papers and offline marketing brochures goading us upgrade our PC, laptop and mobile phones.

So far I have been neglecting to learn more about it but today I decided to enrich my my knowledge in this field.

A video conference (also known as a video teleconference) is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two or more locations to interact via two-way video and audio transmissions simultaneously. It has also been called visual collaboration and is a type of groupware.

The core technology used in a video teleconference (VTC) system is digital compression of audio and video streams in real time. The hardware or software that performs compression is called a codec (coder/decoder).

Required components:
* Video input: video camera or webcam
* Video output: computer monitor , television or projector
* Audio input: microphones
* Audio output: usually loudspeakers associated with the display device or telephone
* Data transfer: analog or digital telephone network, LAN or Internet

This technology is really useful in education, medicine and of business apart from enriching the social contacts.

Acknowledgement: Wikipedia

Math animations.

This is one subject I know only a few people will be interested in.

"The American Mathematical Society (AMS) announced that a collaboration between a French mathematician and a Belgian artist has resulted in math animations that herald new era in visualization".

The AMS is even more enthusiast and says that these graphic animations "point to a new era for the use of computer graphics in communicating and carrying out mathematical research."
Let's start with a short excerpt of this AMS news release.

The two collaborators are Etienne Ghys, a mathematician at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Lyon, France, and Jos Leys, a Belgian graphic artist and engineer with strong mathematical interests. They have written an online animated exposition of an important new theorem Ghys has proved in dynamical systems theory.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

The benefits of Belisi’s tie club.

I am aware of some of the most established brands in shopping world.

I am simply taken aback by the loyalty and the sincere appreciation of the customers of, the official website of Belisi, a name already synonymous with its high-end, quality ties, and most recently scarves and handbags.

“The tie Club has offered a wonderful range of beautiful silk ties to choose from.

The designs cover a whole range from traditional, conservative to modern, and whimsical.

As a club member one is offered many, many ties and neck scarves to choose from.

The great thing is that one is offered a wide range of styles, and this range is always having even more choices added!

The price can not be beaten, the quality of style and workmanship are of the highest!

I must mention the superior customer service that it has been my pleasure to receive from Belisi!

In all of my dealings with Belisi, I have found the Associates to be pleasant, courteous, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile to be of assistance”.

This testimonial is from John S. Evans-a happy club member of many years standing.

Belisi cultivates a passion for exquisite materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Friday, January 12, 2007

eBay buys StubHub, online ticket reseller.

StubHub, an online site for reselling tickets to events, has been acquied by eBay for $310 million, minting the latest Silicon Valley millionaires in co-founders Jeff Fluhr and Eric Baker.

The controversial company has grown steadily, badgering eBay’s business for years. About 30 professional and college sports teams encourage fans to StubHub as a sort of safe haven in the reselling market, even as the New England Patriots have sued the company, saying it is encouraging fans to break anti-scalping laws (StubHub sued back).

Read the full story for whatever its worth here.Venture Beat

Free SAT Preparation.

The exams are nearing. Students as well as patients may be tensed and concerned. Also competitive exams are also expected after the final exams.

To help both of you, I am happy to ontroduce a web site.

Free SAT Preparation SAT Preparation is a free educational website that helps high school students prepare for the vocabulary section of the new SAT exam. Over 3,000 multiple choice questions divided into 21 groups.

Welcome to the SAT Preparation Site thatwould help high school students prepare for the vocabularysection of the new SAT exam.

The site is also useful for anyone that would like to improve their English vocabulary.If you enjoy the site please tell other teachers, parents and students about it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tips for destination Hawaii.

I just returned from a vacation to Hawaii and I happy to share with you my travel experience.

Of the many attractions in Hawaii, I liked the Big Island very much.

Kona is rich as both a commercial and historical center known for the only commercially produced coffee in the U.S., macadamia nuts, the world-famous Ironman race, Mokuaikaua Church, and Hulihee Palace. Don't miss out on other natural attractions such as the summit of Mauna Kea, the island's tallest volcano, Magic Sands beach or Kamakahonu Beach.

I stayed with Gebhart’s Hawaii Vacation Rentals, located just south of Kailua-Kona on the Big Island.

I opted for their 3 bedroom 4 bath vacation rentals home. It was quite huge (3,000 square feet) in the heart of Hawaii's Gold Coast surrounded with the sunshine, beaches, resorts, and other attractions.

It was a luxurious two level private home that is equipped with full kitchens on levels, expansive lanais on both levels, two master suites and a location so close to the ocean that you can frequently feel the spray from the ocean as waves break against the coastline. A small wading pool next to the sea wall is a perfect place to watch the famous Hawaiian sunsets.

If you are contemplating your next vacation to Hawaii, please take a reference letter from me to Gebhart Properties; they will be pleased to offer you the finest accommodations in one the world's most coveted vacation spots.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The program is NOT keylogger and does not write any keystrokes!

The complete solution for the background control and logging the users activity. This software allows to record actions of the user (users) of a computer on start the applications, opening documents, access to the Internet and usings removable media. Using this software to become possible to receive the information about user’s actions and to take measures for prevention of non-authorized use of applications and computer system as a whole. Also you can restrict access to some programs (using file name or keyword) or to CD/DVD/Zip and other removable media.

This is very useful for the rigid control over use of computer systems in business and for the parental control over children’s actions.

The program is NOT keylogger and does not write any keystrokes! This is a principle position. The information, collected by the program is more enough for the control over use of a computer and without recording of the user’s passwords.

HSLAB Logger Lite Features

  • record user’s activity;
  • record actions only the selected users or all users;
  • record the restricted actions or all actions;
  • use a ban list for prevention of some actions;
  • rectrict access to removable drives end execute some actions when the restriction occur;
  • rectrict access to programs end execute some actions when the restriction occur;
  • rectrict access by keywords end execute some actions when the keyword found;

At access to removable drives you can set the following actions:

  • write information about this event to log and continue;
  • eject removable media and continue;
  • shutdown Windows.

At access to programs you can set the following actions:

  • write information about this event to log and continue;
  • kill restricted program and continue;
  • shutdown Windows.

Gratitude: Best freeware blog

Navigate Like A Pro In FireFox.

Inter web world has given some wonderful tips for firefox browsers.

FireFox Navigation Tricks & Techniques:

  • ALT+HOME: This shortcut will take you back to the browsers default homepage.
  • Changing Your Default Homepage: Drag a link from the address bar over the Home button. Release the mouse and you’ll be asked if you want to reset your homepage.
  • ALT+D: This jumps you straight into the address bar and allows you to either type in a new address or modify the address that’s already there.
  • ALT+Back Arrow/ALT+Forward Arrow: The essential Back/Forward browsing commands. Don’t leave home without them.
  • CTRL+T: Open up a new tab in your browser window. It’ll start up with the cursor in the address bar waiting on your command. Literally.
  • CTRL+TAB: Cycles through the various tabs you have open in FireFox. Bonus points for using CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to cycle backwards! Got too many tabs open? Then you might need…
  • CTRL+W: Closes the current tab you’re looking at. Be careful, closing the last tab shuts down FireFox!
  • Preloading Pages: I like to read stuff right through to the end before reading material that’s been linked to in the post. To have all the material ready and waiting, I middle click each of the links as I browse and they load up in new tabs while I’m reading.
  • Bookmarking: If you’re old school and insist on bookmarking, CTRL+D will bookmark the page you’re on. Actually, I’m using the Bookmarks extension for FireFox and CTRL+D brings up a new bookmark in that too! Hooray!
Thank you inter web world.

Gmail users loosing all their emails and contacts.

"Found my account clean..nothing in Inbox, contacts ,sent mail..How can all these information residing in different folders disappear?"

This appeared in one of the google groups.

As it turns out, the cause is most likely an insecure system, that was attacked either through a trojan horse or a cross-site scripting attack. Suspicions are that it is related to an error in Firefox 2.0 (not updated to that can be read about at . This error states "Mozilla Firefox 2.0 before allows remote attackers to bypass Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) protection via vectors related to a Function.prototype regression error."

Later discussions has lead to requests for a backup routine in gmail, and that google should take responsibility for backing up these user's email. The thing is, users already have a way of backing up the emails, as gmail permits POP access to the account.

Acknowledgement: KFWebs

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Filtergate removes web advertising. features hundreds of PC utilities that are useful to every netizen.

Most of the softwares are offered free.

I found one that I thought you will like it and it is called Filtergate.

Filtergate is a 4-in-1 filtering package that allows you to remove web advertising and popup windows as well as protect your privacy and filter adult content. It uses a patented filtering technology to analyze each web page decides whether the content is an advertisement or promotion, a friendly cookie or a rogue cookie.

You can exclude sites from being filtered, set custom filtering parameters and more. Filtering is based on an internal filtering engine, that can be updated online. You also choose to turn off all banner sized graphics, as well as all offsite graphics, blinking text, background music and more. FilterGate does not require you to set proxy settings in your browser.

Snapfiles is one of the oldest and most popular download sites on the internet and have served many millions of visitors over the years. SnapFiles which was earlier known as was established in 1997.

I am sure you will mark it as your favorite.

The top Civil Engineering Recruiting firm. has been relentlessly serving the nations well known civil engineering firms by finding them the best of civil engineers.

They fully understand that engineering firms are under extreme pressure to provide superior solutions in a timely manner, while under budget.

CSI takes enormous pressure off the shoulders of civil engineering corporations by getting them to hire the most eligible engineers and allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their companies.

Read some of the advantages of dealing with CSI:

* 15 hard working and experienced recruiters that enjoy their jobs and truly understand your Engineering business;

* Maintaining absolute confidentiality;

* Access to thousands of resumes and tens of thousands of candidate prospects (PE’s and EIT’s). There are no such “hard to find” Civil Engineer with CSI;

* Nationwide coverage allows CSI to meet the hiring needs in a variety of markets

* Easily Accessible Recruiters: CSI requires that all recruiters be accessible after business hours via cellular telephone

* Simple, straightforward Fee Agreement. Contingency searches obligate a client to only pay a fee should a placement be made. Preparing a job order and reviewing prospective candidates are services we provide at no cost.

What more can you ask for?

In short, this is a firm that breathes Civil Engineer Jobs and Civil Engineering Recruitment and are 100% dedicated to working nationally with Civil Engineering candidates and companies!

A relationship with CSI is simple and highly confidential while saving your firm serious time and money.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Free Web Design Software to Schools.

At least this is going to be a welcome news for my teacher sister and her web novice husband.

CoffeeCup Software,Inc-a leading web authoring Internet software company, announces the availability of their Educational Software Package, a free suite of five top-selling Windows applications that helps educators teach their students how to make websites.

Qualified teachers can receive copies of five powerful web design and maintenance applications, without charge that includes:

*CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer, a WYSIWYG website creator and editor that empowers web novices to make stunning web pages. Using a library of dozens of professionally-designed templates and an intuitive interface-CoffeeCup VisualSite Designer lets teachers guide students
in their introduction to the Internet and to website creation;

Read the full story here: PR Newswire

Weeding the SCAM away.

"I invite and encourage webmasters, SEOs and internet marketers to come to the site and share there wisdom - simply by posting articles, tutorials etc. With your help, we can root out the 'evil' and expose the 'good' when it comes to having success online." says June Beezy, the founder of

Personally I feel this is an effort that requires plenty of active participation from professional as well as veteran internet marketers and SEO specialists.

According to WDclub, people can find the truth by voting on what online marketing information or opportunity really works.

Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) January 2, 2007 -- According to WDclub, when it comes to internet marketing or making money online, folks are more likely to run into a scam than a real opportunity. The company says there is a way to separate the two for good. has implemented a new platform that enables everyday people to post, vote and comment on any online marketing information - information that brought them results or lack thereof.

Once the piece of information is posted, it becomes live almost instantly. The entire WDclub community has a chance to review the information and vote and comment on it. At WDclub, the people decide if the information is legit or not, not the seller.

Once enough people vote on it, it will appear on the top for everyone to see and benefit from.

Originally, the site offered just dropshipping resources. But a change was needed when subscribers started to request other relevant information such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, eBay selling etc.

WDclub's "democratic" platform seems quite promising. It is a lot different from normal review sites as the editor is the individual user thus giving the site more value and power.

Source: PR Web