Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wonderful Kerala.

I had been to Kerala for two days and returned the day before yesterday. The whether was pleasant. It was raining and it was so nice to see thick forests drenched in rain and clouds touching the low peaked hills.

It is God's own country and nature was at its biased best.

What I found slightly disturbing is the behavior of shop keepers, hotel staff and temple staff at Guruvayoor. They behaved rather rudely.I think they are totally oblivious of customer care.

In spite of the state's highest literacy rate, I found the attitude of people rather odd. Is it like that through out the state of Kerala?

I have moved with hundreds of people of Kerla in Madras. I have wonderful relationship with them. I always found them gentle and compassionate.

I have no intention to hurt anyone particular. I love people and I love visiting places. The only thing that bothers me is indifference.

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