Friday, November 26, 2010

Blackhead removal in 48 hours?

“If you ask me what is a blackhead, they are like first dates; both are hard to get out”, my son told me with a bit of annoyance. I understood his feelings.

Blackheads can cause depression to youth more than anything else can. It is especially so, when you fix an appointment with your first date. My son confessed to me only yesterday night that he won a dating appointment with a girl he had been seeing since 6 months.

Six months! Moreover, this is the first date! No wonder he is concerned about the blackheads on his chin that appeared at the wrong time.

I know some natural cure for making the ugly pimples to vanish but it is not possible to work a miracle in 48 hours!

Nevertheless, I sprang into action hoping the predicament would get a natural solution. I prayed and the God answered. The girl called up only two hours before to postpone the appointment for reasons known only to her.

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