Thursday, November 04, 2010

The mint in our family.

She is unbelievably unreasonable. Is it true that younger siblings are all like that?
My younger sister brushed aside all my arguments about why she should buy a platinum coin for a change. She is called ‘the mint’ in our family for her penchant for gold coins.

The reasons for my recommendation for the Platinum American Eagle:
• It is the youngest in American coinage history
• It has ($100) the highest ever face value
• The only official investment-grade platinum coin
• It has better pictorial value (a lame reason indeed)

I remembered to quote the U.S. Gold Bureau as the source for the above data.

Hmmm.. No! She would not betray her loyalty to American gold eagle! Well, so be it! Let her stick to her whims and fancy.

To be frank, I too would hesitate to buy a platinum coin if an opportunity would arise.

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