Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday discount on iPods draw huge crowd.

I can’t explain it technically or logically about my preference for iPod classic among other ipods that include iPod nano and iPod touch. I am not adept at handling touch screen gadgets. Even my cell phone is an old-fashioned Nokia that is operated by traditional button press system.

That is why I had to disappoint my son when I returned the iPod touch he gifted me yesterday because of his promotion that meant higher salary.

He understood my discomfort and explained to me patiently why iPod touch is a far superior model than the iPod Classic and how easy it is to learn the operation of iPod touch.

I lent a willing ear but at the end, I again firmly declined to accept his kindness. His father came to my rescue and told his son he would take it provided his son gets all the old songs sung by Olivia Newton John.

Later, when my son left for Bangalore, my husband told me that all the iPod models are sold at hefty holiday (Thanks Giving Day) discount at and his son should have bought one from there.

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