Friday, November 26, 2010

Women prefer healthy weight loss.

While I squeezed myself out easily from the crowded suburban train, my friend sought my assistance to get her bulky frame through the exit door that was blocked by the boarding passengers.

It seemed her diet pill was yet to yield the intended result. I would say her choice of the weight loss pill was made after prolonged study of the best diet pills for women. In spite of my advice, she believed strongly that women need different pills.

I too am aware of diet pills that are exclusively meant for women but I doubted women would prefer them. Like men, women too like to shed weight fast. If a man loses 10 pounds in a month with the aid of a diet pill, then, it is what women prefer.

Nevertheless, my friend wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. She gradually wanted to shed her belly fat so that she would not suddenly look lean.

I promised that the next time we visit the spiritual ashram; I would take her by car.

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