Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The online gift shop that you would visit again and again.

Andrea accompanied me to the popular cinema that I urged to see along with me. On the way back home, we did some window shopping rather hurriedly. We both have already bought several gifts for Christmas and New Year at Personalcreations.com.

This outing for the movie was my gift to Andrea in gratitude for having introduced to me personalcreations.com, a gift shop online that I would visit again and again. I am giving below the images of a couple of gifts that I bought from personalcreations.com

It is our earth seen floating in the space. What better way to teach anyone who is on the other side of New York!

The astonishingly colored and customized coffee mugs are called Snowman Candy Cane Mugs that cost only $9.99 (I would not mind paying up with a $10 note and not waiting for the change)

There are unique gifts for everyone and for every occasion. But then, there is no need for an occasion to give gifts-right?

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