Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do you own an ATV?

Who would not want to increase their Polaris ATV’s performance? However, the majority of the first time buyers of ATVs gets carried away by what they read in newspapers and proceed immediately to purchase several Polaris Accessories that would increase the speed and fuel consumption by a hefty 30% or to increase its pulling power.

Firstly, the expectation is too much immediately after the purchase. One must give some time to season the engine. My brother-in-law is a fine living example. He is a horticulture consultant in New Zealand. I know how much he has spent on his ATV before finally selling it for a throwaway price.

Secondly, I read that Polaris accessories are quite expensive. There is no point in by such expensive accessories only to dump them in the garage attic.

Before buying an all terrain vehicle (ATV) it is better to familiarize with all the aspects of maintaining it. Every accessory’s use should be thoroughly read and all the maintenance tips should be borne in mind.

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