Saturday, December 25, 2010

Filing cavities of tooth and wallet.

Mr. BeanGetting a tooth out of its sockets these days empties the wallet as well-eh? Why do dentists charge exorbitant rates all over the world? Is that why there are thousands of articles on various aspects of dental insurance?

Another headache that accomapnies tooth ache is the time spent on waiting at the dentist's clinic. My God! It goes on and on. Three days before I watched 3 episodes (each goes for 40 minutes) of Mr.Bean before I was called in by the dentist. During those long hours, I thought Mr.Bean started recognizing me and winking at me mischeviously.

Glancing around the waiting patients, I noticed a pall of gloom emanated from then and filled up the room that refused to leave in spite of Mr. Bean's excellent effort to make us laugh.

This blog post was composed mentally when I was waiting for the dentist and when Mr. Bean waited on me on the TV.

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