Saturday, December 04, 2010

Modern furniture need not compromise on comforts.

Have you seen Ravi Sastri sitting in an uncomfortable chair answering the questions very comfortably? This scene can be seen in every cricket match telecast. It is supposed to be a modern chair that is definitely not convenient to sit for more than two minutes.

Modern furniture means it should be space saving and stylish but at the same time it should not compromise on comfort.

The chair below is an ideal example of an ideal modern chair. I saw this in a doctor’s waiting room. Many patients were waiting and their faces did not show any signs of anxiety. I appreciated the doctor personally for his thoughtful choice of this chair.

I intend to recommend this chair to Ravi Sastri. I am thinking of emailing this blog post to him.

If you happened to know his email id, why don’t you leave it in the comments box?

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