Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For white artificial Christmas tree..

I gingerly approached the Christmas tree and passionately touched the myriad decorations on it. This happened 40 years ago when artificial christmas tree was not known to world.

I grew up where there were no Christians. Once, when my family visited another town to attend a marriage, we stayed in our relative’s house whose neighbor had put up a small branch of tree on which I saw colorful ribbons, small beads and other things. When I asked my elder brother what it was, he told me that it is a Christmas tree and went onto brief me about the Christmas celebration.

Now, that small branch of a tree is totally replaced by artificial Christmas trees of myriad shapes and sizes. There are different Christmas trees for keeping indoor and outdoor. I saw even a white Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, I have noticed the true joy among Christians starting from the Thanksgiving Day until the New Year. They feel at most pleasure in giving which is missing in our community.

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