Thursday, December 02, 2010

So what if Warren Buffett is….

The Warren Buffett interview published on 19th October 2010 in CNN might have thrown most of the traditional bullion traders off their trading stools for his rather conservative views about investing in gold.

I received a bunch of concerned emails from my friends who are repeatedly encouraged to buy gold by me. Well, one man, however popular he is for his investing acumen can dethrone the yellow metal from its honorable seat it is sitting on since man learned to mine the gold.

If Warren Buffett is looked upon for his stock market advises, then, the U.S. Gold Bureau is revered for its gold price movement predictions.

Therefore, friends, don’t panic. Stay put. Gold is still the supreme wealth protector and a status symbol. You can show of your wealth by adorning yourself with gold ornaments but you can’t walk around wearing equity shares on your body-right?

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