Friday, September 17, 2010

A new diet pill that is rated number one.

In spite of controversy and differences of clinical opinion, Ephedra is still rated as the most effective ingredient in diet pills by millions of people. Weight loss industry just received a new diet pill, which has no Ephedra. Probably it might get unnoticed initially until, it receives a lot of positive feedback from the consumers.

Once it reaches the web pages of weight loss products review sites, then, it might get the nod of some who, like me, are adventurous in trying anything new.

You would have noticed a steady decline in diet pills that contain Ephedra after it was banned by the FDA in 2004. People now prefer diet supplements that assure faster calorie burning.

Essentially, if we are able to burn the occasional few extra calories we take, all is well but if it is not the case, then we start accumulating fat.

However, fat burners won’t help us in the long run if we ignore the inner voice that warns us whenever we indulge in junk food.

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