Sunday, September 19, 2010

How many Phentermine based diet pills?

How many phentermine based diet pills do you know apart from Adipex? I know three capsules that are:

1. Phenterpril

2. Nuphedragen

3. Clinicallix

I have bookmarked several websites that review weight loss pills and I particularly read news and reviews about Phentermine, as it is the most effective ingredient in diet pills.

Adipex is probably the most sold weight loss pill ever thus far. The presence of Phentermine minimized the negative side effects.

Initially, it was not prescribed for those who are employed; only chronic eaters who can’t work anymore due to their obesity was advised to take Phentermine.

After seeing the success of it even on such obese people, every other person who wanted to suppress their appetite as a weight loss measure, started buying Phentermine in large quantities in spite of its expensiveness.

I read that Phenterpril mentioned above is available over the counter without doctors’ prescription.

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