Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh ideas for kids Halloween dresses.

I am not cooking up any new ideas for kids Halloween costumes but I am expecting to see a few fresh imaginations this year.

For a kid that is going to enjoy its first Halloween, a working mom might buy anything that is familiar to her.

For most of the moms (dads are not bothered), Halloween is just another holiday that means expenditure. They reluctantly buy banal Halloween dresses, balloons, candies and cookies.

I have read hundreds of articles in newspapers about how Halloween holiday is losing its glam and fun. I think the lack of interest is due to the absence of fresh ideas to celebrate the Halloween.

If you care to read any ‘top ten Halloween costumes’ articles in the Internet, you will find the same old ghost gowns and Spiderman dresses. Kids are not sacred anymore with these costumes.

In addition, unless the entire family shows interest, the kids will continue to show disinterest in one of the historically fun filled holiday.
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