Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I am excited to see Austrian gold coins.

The end of the academic year has already started. I would be extremely busy until April 15th. It is not the period to accept invitations to speak at women’s club. I declined the invitation to be a guest speaker but agreed to go to the mini exhibition cum sale of gold and silver coins organized by a famous coins collector though I have no intention to buy gold coins until I am free of my yearly commitments. .
Usually, I don’t miss opportunities to look at gold and silver coins exhibition organized by private collectors. I use such occasions to gauge what they value and that gives me an opportunity to evaluate my personal treasure.
I would silently observe people’s reactions when they are shown the prized possessions and shamelessly eavesdrop at the cool drinks kiosk.
I hope to see those Austrian gold coins which the coins collector has spoken much about and hear something interesting during the weekend exhibition of gold and silver coins.

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