Monday, February 28, 2011

Consumer mate is a happening place now.

Had I seen an online contest like the one that is announced by a few years earlier, I would have eagerly participated in review contests with the thought of assured winning. Age has swallowed all my passions for winning, leave alone the necessity for gadgets as prizes. has announced a real contest enticing their customers by offering big and attractive prizes that include digital camera and …. Oh, I would rather let you find it for yourself because, I believe suspense about what you can win would propel you to get the full details.

I appreciate the business strategy of this 9.9 media company. The company is taking time to expand and gradually adding more products on their web site making sure that their customers would stick to them.

Among the recent additions, I would like to mention mp3 players india, a product segment that has more market potential than mobile phones in India. There are myriad brands and models in this product segment that are definitely sure to confuse all of us. A little bit of guidance through consumer reviews would be helpful.

The Tablet india is another product category that has been added in consumer mate. Tablet PC are yet to capture the fascination of Indians. Again, a user review would make future customers decide intelligently.

So, what’s next consumer mate?
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