Friday, February 04, 2011

New dental care in Chennai.

There is a new network of Dental Care Hospitals in Chennai called "Dentistree". Located in several areas in Chennai, I booked an appointment for today morning at 11.30 AM.

I went 30 minutes early. Still, the doctor was kind to see me immediately. I am impressed with their shining new equipments and machines. The treatment was quick and efficient.

I had complained about a crown that was fixed by another doctor and it kept bothering me. The infection surprisingly spread to my hands.

After two xrays, the dentist attended to my complaint, cleaned up and gave me a gel to apply.

This kind of dental clinics are a boon to the residents of Madras. I foresee a rush of dental tourism to Madras soon and the destination is undoubtedly "Dentistree".

Look up at their website at

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