Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why no reviews about Duranto express?

You read reviews of diet pills, acne care, anti-aging creams, growth hormone etc. There are sites that have reviewed hotels and restaurants too. Why no one is reviewing government services like railways and flights? Are they not searched for?

I have been searching a review of the new non-stop air-conditioned train between Madras and Coimbatore. Except a few news stories here and there about the launch of new train service, there is nothing. Not a single image of the interior of the train is found in the Internet. To find out the price of the train ticket, you either have to talk to someone who have traveled in that train or you need to created an account with IRCTC and start the process of booking a ticket.

In fact, I believe not all the Indians are even aware of such a new train. I too only heard about it a week ago only through my Coimbatore based brother.

The Government media it seems is just not bothered to spread the news about their launch of new public services.

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