Thursday, February 24, 2011

I just watched for a few minutes the cricket match between West Indies ans South Africa. I was shocked to see John Botha opening the bowling for SA and the ploy worked!

Chris Gayle was out immediately!

John Botha is a pretty ordinary spin bowler in the world. I wonder why even batsmen like Gayle, Sachin, Yuvaraj struggle against him. On another day, Yuvaraj would have hit Botha out of the ground with ease. But, this is not another day.

Indians I feel made a bowler out of Botha. Certainly he is not all that threatening. South Africa has employed three spinners for this match against the Windies!

I wish they beat the Proteas. Right now Darren Bravo is hitting 4s and 6s off Imran Tahir. I am happy!

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