Thursday, January 27, 2011

I don't go to forests to watch birds

Female House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)I am a bird watcher but I don't go to forests or bird sanctuaries to watch birds! Even while sitting in the balcony of my house, I am able to spot birds' antics.

I spot:
* Squirrel chasing away king fishers
* Crow scaring pigeons
* House sparrows dodging the stray dogs
* Parrots on the giant tree in front of my house

While travelling, my eyes quickly latch on to bird movements. I am able to look for peacocks, southern tree pies, woodpecker in places where other would spot nothing.

Yesterday, a pigeon entered my room through the balcony. It flew away seeing me in front of the computer. I took it as an omen and expected a news from a stranger.

I got it exactly after 2 hours.

Once I spotted a pair of Rainbow Lorikeet. None believed me even though when I showed them my photos.

-->Rainbow Lorikeet

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