Monday, February 21, 2011

Can you help open the garage door?

The farm owner blushed with embarrassment. The remote control that opened his garage door failed to obey his touches. One of us (we were seven) suggested he check the batteries of the remote control. Another guest threw a stupid advice that was met with jeer.

We were all invited by a very close friend of mine who has recently built a palatial bungalow at his vast farm. The bungalow boasted of all the world-class luxuries and his garage with remote controlled door was one of the amenities.

He apologized to us about the garage door fiasco. I took him aside and told him that there may be nothing wrong with the remote control. I briefed him about liftmaster garage door opener parts and where he can get them online.

He said he knew of the Liftmaster’s garage door openers reputation but could not find a dealer near to his farm, which is too far away from a city.

I assured him that I would help him out by first sending a technician to detect the cause of the fault.

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