Friday, June 29, 2007

Can I allocate funds?

My financial year starts with the new academic year-June to May when I start enrolling students in my maths coaching academy.

Usually, I will know the financial position for the entire year by the end of June. Yesterday was the day we sat down to see what new things that we need to buy.

We are in need of a dryer and a pc but we decided for the pc. Dryers can wait told my husband but he promised to look up in the Internet for something new.

Today, he informed that Kenmore Dryers can be an option we can consider. He likes to try out on new models. I was a bit apprehensive but he assured me not to worry and take things easy.

We are actually planning to visit tomorrow the local dealer to inquire more details about Kenmore Dryers. search results showed three shops that sell Kenmore Dryers.

Krillion delivers local search results that combine very specific product information with very specific locality information.

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