Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beautiful Blue.

I am referring to the color of Blue Tooth icon.

Till I bought a Nokia mobile last week, I did not know how to use the blue tooth. My son has blue tooth enabled mobile. He has many melodious ringtones in it.

He first transferred a ringtone to my mobile and then demonstrated how he did it. I was eager to try out and completed another transfer with much glee.

Blue tooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs, printers, digital cameras, and video game consoles over a secure, globally unlicensed short-range radio frequency. Blue tooth lets these devices communicate with each other when they are in range.

The Blue tooth specifications are developed and licensed by the Blue tooth Special Interest Group.

I see not much difference between Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth as far as the application is concerned though technically there may a big difference.

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