Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A surprise contact.

It was a totally religious ceremony on Sunday. I had gone with my husband to undertake some strict religious rituals under the guidance of our family religious head.

The person sitting next to me was a woman of about 45. Initially I didn’t pay much attention to her because of her not so scholarly appearance. But I was genuinely surprised at her worldly knowledge and I was even more astonished to learn that she owns the largest gift shop in India.

In fact it is a chain of shops famous for unique wedding favors thronged by customers seven days a week. Yes, they don’t close the shop on Sundays too when the business is at its peak.

India has diverse wedding customs and the shop sells myriad gifts catering to every belief and custom. Some of the collections are imported from as far as Egypt.

I told her that I am her regular customer and she was mighty pleased and even offered a special friendship discount the next time I go there.

She confessed that she was inspired by the online wedding shop, The Knot. She stocks the shops after frequently visiting the knot.com.

I promised her an exclusive blog post one day.

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