Saturday, June 09, 2007

Firefox's new avatar.

I nearly junked my IE. I don't even remember when I last used it.

My loyalty to Firefox is unwavering and I am happy to see all those 'add ons' and extensions.
I was immensely pleased when Pay per Post(PPP) and Firefox colloborated and I installed this PPP plugin.

This plugin is already receiving rave reviews from bloggers of PPP and I will tell you, it is extremely useful.

PC world just reported about Firefox's Alpha 5 that is luanched. Let us examine what it is all about:

"Mozilla today made an early testing release of its Firefox 3 browser available for download, and this alpha version (code-named Gran Paradiso) for the first time adds the anticipated Places feature for bookmarks."

Though some of it's technicality are beyond my comprehension, I believe it is something to with bookmarks.

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