Saturday, June 09, 2007

May be I should join PPP.

Why not? I think I am blogging fairly well. I saw many Pay Per Post affiliates' blogs and I am not bad man when compared to that.

I have a decent PR and I am already contracted by other sponsors as you can see from my posts.
I heard that PPP recently introduced a concept of interacting directly with sponsors if I install a relevant badge on my blog.

Some badges that I noticed charge $8 per post and some even $150 per post. Hmmm... $150 per post. Man, if I could charge that much, I will be happy to get just 4 posts a month. That money can take care of my son's education fees.

Ok, I am motivated to take my blog up to that level and may be next year I will achieve it. But with your support of course.

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