Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is a money pot.

This is amazing; a software that enables you to fill up your pot with money. This is not an empty promise folks but a real one. To use this software, one must be familiar with online stock trading and that too one must have had some experience in options trading.

I, like thousands of people depend on several investment magazines for my daily stint in online stock trading. With the entry of several of blogs on stocks and shares, I used to look at them for technical analysis reports.

The conversion ratio used to be 50/50. I was exploring ways to improve upon the conversion ratio and I found out iron condor a spread strategy in which an investor will combine a Bear-Call Credit Spread and a Bull-Put Credit Spread.

The developer of this ingenious software says, “Our patented SmartSearchXL® technology is not available anywhere else. It’s the best way to Find, Compare, Analyze, and Make Money on Stock Option Trading.”

The distinct advantage of this neutral strategy is we can make a profit anywhere between lower and upper break even.

I did a small research, located a few existing users and sought their feedback. My decision- I am going to buy this.

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