Monday, June 25, 2007

An alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

The first time I heard the name Adobe's Acrobat, I laughed. What is so acrobatic about it?

OK, never mind my sense of humor or the lack of it, we have all been using it almost regularly. At least I depend on it because the collection of e-books I have on spirituality.

In, I read an article about 'Mobipocket e-book reader', a software which is used to read the all formats of e-books in the pocket PCs and PDAs. It is basically use for the hand held and pocket PC devices with other options to tap in the technologies such as Palm, Windows, Packet PC, Ebookman and Psion. This software has powerful features for reading the contents of the e-books.

I heard that this software is very popular but how come I didn't know about it till today?

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