Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Social Poster.

While expressing my gratitude to mashable, it is my pleasure to bring to your notice about 'Social Poster', a service that lets you to post 34 different social bookmarking web sites easily and effortlessly.

Unlike 'Only Wire' which submits to 15 social bookmarking web sites with a single click, social poster facilitates easy submission to social bookmarking web sites from a single web page.

When you insert the code in your blog's template, there appears a button 'Social Poster'. When clicked on, it presents you several bookmarking services with a 'Post' link beside each service.

Whenever you are on a website or blog that you want to share it with others via social bookmarking, use the social poster button in your browser bar. It picks up the url, title and tags automatically. Then you just have to click the 'post' button beside each bookmarking services.

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