Friday, January 21, 2011

Have men started looking at redheads again?

Would a lovely blonde-haired woman choose to become a redhead? If so, would a beautician from Regency Beauty Institute be able to accomplish the task without any streaks of blonde hair?

I was reading the Facebook fan page of Regency Beauty Institute a few hours ago. Actually, I was looking for contributions from my friend who had graduated from Regency Beauty Institute a few years ago.

Though I could not find her in the Facebook fan page, wall posts from others were meaningful and amusing. I could detect a preference for red colored hair among middle-aged women. Have men started looking at redheads again?

It looks so. None could attribute any reason for this change of preference. We all undergo this phase every now and then-right?

However, I am happy that Regency graduates are the most sought after beauticians throughout the United States.

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