Monday, January 10, 2011

Would netbooks obliterate laptops?

I know the time is running out. I must catch up with all the e-books on teaching mathematics to engineering students that I recently purchased. For comfortable reading, I wanted an e-book reader like kindle.

My husband suggested I should look up on netbooks before I purchase a mere e-book reader. I thought the battery life is longer in e-book readers and that is why I preferred that.

My husband convinced me that battery life in netbooks is longer than laptops. In addition, I could buy a few spare netbook batteries at the time of purchasing the netbook. In addition, netbook will be useful to perform more computing options.

His arguments made sense to me. However, to buy a netbook, I must wait a couple of weeks more because of inadequate funds. Of the several models that I saw online, I settled on Samsung for its safety features. I only have to get used to the small screen.

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