Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kovi Fabrics’ latest additions in upholsteries.

Would you believe if your son called up long distance at 11.00 Pm to let you know that he has re-furnished his home with microfiber upholstery fabric made by Kovi Fabrics?

What I mean to convey is the knowledge possessed by a modern youth about Kovi Fabrics, the world’s most sold upholstery online. My son is no generally no different from his contemporaries who know and speak only about soccer, iPhones and Paris Hilton.

I suspected something else. Did he meet his girl already? Had been to her house where he saw the stunning colors of microfabrics upholstery from Kovi fabrics?

Yes, he sheepishly confessed my doubt. Well, I am glad that he met someone with fine taste.

Oh, I assumed you are aware of Kovi Fabrics already. For your information, several internationally renowned interior designers buy only Kovi Fabrics for their clients’ upholstery needs.

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