Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My review of Blue Host.

Someone from my contact list was crying 'foul' in his blog about his web host. I beg to disagree with him on all reasons he has cited in his blog.

I have all my domains hosted with Blue Host. Their customer service is impeccable and out of this world. All their technical staff are very knowledgeable. They usually answer my queries in just a few hours. Very rarely, their answers are not all that clear. It may be due to my vague questions.

The forum in blue host is very active and full of knowledgeable members that are always willing to help out.

CPanel navigation in Blue Host is really top class. Even I, a hopeless person when it comes to dealing CPanel matters can handle the issues with a fair amount of confidence.

I thank Blue Host for their customer care and technical brilliance.

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