Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The wheels.

My son nudged at me as we are passing by a street lined with automobile accessories. As I said, we were just passing by; we had nothing to buy there. I glanced at my son inquiring the reason for his poke.

He pointed at an ATV Tires sign. I understood. He wanted to remind me of our grandfather ATV that came to us as a sort of inheritance. Actually, it was dumped on unceremoniously by another family member.

We did not complain. It was our first vehicle and it was free! We were excited and went about getting it back to shape (if at you call it a shape). We bargained at a second sales shop and fitted the ATV with tires, patched up the upholstery and even managed to buy a spare tire.

Later, we had bitter memories with our ATV before disposing it off.

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