Friday, June 17, 2011

Pain after breast augmentation surgery.

My relative is migrating to Australia. She has built up some fantasies on her own about living in Australia. I don't blame her. She intend to augment her breasts before she leaves for Australia.

Pain after breast augmentation surgery.
She asked me if she will feel lot of pain after the surgery. How do I know? I have no experience. But, any plastic surgery will cause immense discomfort to anyone. It all depends on the endurance level of individuals-right?

Medical tourism destination
Breast augmentation is not all that popular in India. I wonder whether this plastic surgery is done in India though India is world's number one medical tourism destination in the world.

After breast augmentation is done, patients will feel plain because the tissue surrounding the implant hardens. Pain killers should lessen the pain but I have heard of long term discomfort leading to other complications. Sometimes, an additional surgery is required.

I advised my relative to think several times before she decides in favor of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery.

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