Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funny t-shirts with slogans available.

It must be nearly 20 years before when I first read about a funny t-shirt in Reader’s Digest. I thought it was one of the most creative slogans that I ever came across thus far. It went like this: “The inseparable twins”. The t-shirt was worn by a woman and the slogan was on her chest.

Got it?

Ever since, I always made it a point to note down such short slogan found on funny tshirts. I admit I sometimes claimed them as my own when I worked as a part time copywriter in an advertising firm. In fact, that is how I landed on that job.

However, I always wondered where such funny t-shirts were sold. I never saw them in any apparel shops! Somehow, I keep encountering youngsters wearing funny t-shirts with easy to remember slogans on apt places.

Only three days before, I stumbled on to foulmouthshirts.com, where I saw several funny t-shirts with slogans that shocked me.

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